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hoop by Robin Layton
Hardcover $40.00

Sep 24, 2013 | 180 Pages

  • Hardcover $40.00

    Sep 24, 2013 | 180 Pages


“This book makes you want to rediscover your childhood hoop.”
-NPR Michigan, Current State

“Robin Layton breaks basketball down to one of its most essential elements: the hoop.”
-TIME, Sports

“The focus here is on the hoop, whether tacked to a tree or keeping lonely vigil over a playground.”
-American Photo

“For anybody who ever saw a basketball hoop on the side of the road and felt the immediate urge to play on it, this book details that feeling in a tangible way via awesome imagery. And, it;s just cool to see hoops that some of the biggest players in the NBA started on.”

“Layton’s camera pays homage to America’s love for basketball.”
-Seattle Business

 ”Famouse or obscure, Layton consistently captures one thing in every picture–charater, which is impressive considering the breadth of the book.”

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