Consult the Oracle

Hardcover $11.95

Jul 22, 2014 | 168 Pages

  • Hardcover $11.95

    Jul 22, 2014 | 168 Pages


“This compact ‘reference’ book is perfect for toting, so you can always have mystical lifehacks like ‘Do not cut your nails on Sunday!’ at the ready. Originally published in 1899, it includes superstitions, charms, and supernatural counsel, including dream interpretation, palm reading, and some handy advice on communicating with the dead.” —Mental_Floss

“This handy little compendium of Victorian-era superstitions and folklore is a fun resource if you need research for this time period, or if you just want to be amused by late 19th century superstitions.” —Historical Novel Society

Table Of Contents

The Meaning of Dreams
Omens, Charms and Spells for Lovers
Mystery About Plants
The Fortunes of Little People 
Curing Ailments by Magical Means
Fortunes Told by Cards
Character Shown in Handwriting
Weddings and Married Life
Feathered Prophets of Good and Evil
The Significance of Names
Palm Reading
Fairy Folk
What about Witches?
Bees Know More than People Think

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