Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawaii

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Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawaii by Sid Campbell
Hardcover $39.95

Dec 12, 2006 | 296 Pages

  • Hardcover $39.95

    Dec 12, 2006 | 296 Pages

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"My congratulations to haumana Sid Campbell on the completion of Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawai’i. As a fellow lifelong martial artist it has been an honor to know him as a friend, warrior, writer, artist, and above all as a bearer of the aloha spirit. As an Olohe Lua it is rare to see a man so sincere in his efforts to portray our culture and our warrior ancestors with the honor and valor only a true warrior can understand. He went about his research with humility and true respect for the Hawai‘ian people and the cultural realm he was entering. This is a rare and wonderful quality. I hope this work helps many future generations of Hawai’ians rediscover their roots and leads others on the warrior path to appreciate our history."
—Sir Kainoa Kekoakalani Li, Kahuna Lomi Lomi, Pa Ku‘i A Lua A Ku Waha Ilo, Mililani a me Makaha, Hawai’i

"Spirituality, awareness of the martial arts, weaponry, dances, music, tools, diet, and language are important in Hawai‘i’s cultural heritage. This book will be a stepping-stone to many readers who have not yet seen these aspects of the Hawai’ian culture. Sid Campbell has unveiled answers and visions pertaining to Hawaiian myths, legends, and untold stories, and my deepest respect goes to him and this treasured book."
—Al Dacascos, Lua practitioner, Kajukenbo Grandmaster, founder of Won Hop Kune Do Kung-fu, Oahu, Hawai’i

"’Uncle’ Sid Campbell’s art and writing are truly reflective of the Hawai‘i that I remember the makua (parents and relatives) describing as I was growing up in Maui. The kahiko (ancient dances) that I love so much reflect the true spirit of the warriors of yore. I think ‘Uncle’ Sid has captured that spirit splendidly!"
—Lysha Kamisato, Miss Maui, 2004

"Sid Campbell is as much ‘ohana as my own family. We have shared much of the ancient ways that existed in Hawai’i long before the Europeans arrived. My ancestors were warriors and passed many stories to me, and I am honored that Sid decided to convey some of these ancient teachings in his latest book. As a fellow martial artist, I am blessed to know Sid Campbell and have always enjoyed the way he writes so passionately about history, traditions, and the people he loves."
—Kailani Koa, Kajukenbo black belt, Hula dancer

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