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Feb 12, 2008 | 832 Pages

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Oct 03, 2006 | 2166 Minutes

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  • Paperback $25.00

    Feb 12, 2008 | 832 Pages

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“Absorbing. . . . Cannadine writes like a storyteller, and the book often reads as compulsively as one of those immense fictional sagas that weigh down the bestseller lists. Sin and redemption are always close to the center of those family tales, and so they are in Mellon.”
—Russell Baker, The New York Review of Books

“A fascinating biography. . . . A sprawling work for a sprawling life.”
—Roger Lowenstein, The New York Times

“A commanding biography, unsparing in revelation, lively in its writing, rigorous in its scholarship, astute in its judgments, and altogether a major contribution to American history.”
—Harold Evans, author of The American Century and They Made America

Table Of Contents

Prologue: A Family in History

In the Shadow of His Father, 1855–1900

1. The Patriarch Presides: Father and Sons, 1855–73
2. The Family in Business: Boys and Banks, 1873–87
3. The “Mellon System” Inaugurated: “My Brother and I,” 1887–98
4. The Great Leap Forward: Mergers and Matrimony, 1898–1900

Wealth’s Triumphs, Fortune’s Travails, 1900–1921

5. The Transition Completed: Family Man and Venture Capitalist, 1901–1907
6. The First Scandal: Separation and Divorce, 1907–12
7. Life Goes On: Business (Almost) as Usual, 1907–14
8. New Careers for Old: Single Parent, Aging Plutocrat, Emerging Politician, 1914–21

The Rise and Fall of a Public Man, 1921–33

9. Hard Times with Harding: Political Realities, Getting Started, Settling In, 1921–23
10. Better Years with Coolidge: Mellonizing America, Aggrandizing Himself, 1923–26
11. Carrying On with Hoover: Great Ideas to Great Crash, 1927–29
12. Triumphs amid Troubles: Fortune’s Zenith, Russian Pictures, Pittsburgh Woes, 1929–31
13. “The Man Who Stayed Too Long”: Depression, Departure, London and Back, 1931–33

Old Man, New Deal, 1933–37

14. His World Turned Upside Down: An Unhappy Homecoming, 1933–34
15. The Second Scandal: The “Tax Trial” and the National Gallery of Art, 1933–36
16. Beginnings and Endings: The Gallery Established, a Life in Its Fullness, 1936–37

Epilogue: A Fortune in History
Appendix: The Mellon Family
A Note on Sources
Abbreviations for Notes

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