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Hardcover $35.00

Mar 18, 2014 | 144 Pages

  • Hardcover $35.00

    Mar 18, 2014 | 144 Pages

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“Like the pens of the great writers, the developer trays of the world’s best photographers provide a unique, and weirdly intimate look, into the lives of people who used them.”

“[Cyr] spent three years snapping pictures of famous photographers’ trays, and now he is bringing his album out of the darkroom…”
-Brooklyn Daily

“When John Cyr set out to photograph the tolls of the darkroom he discovered in himself something unexpected – a passion to capture the fingerprints of some of the world’s greatest photographers.”
-BBC News online

“An essential tool in that process is the developer tray – the vehicle that holds the various liquids that develop, stop, and fix your exposed image and create a print. It has been a very private place for the image-maker, which is why master photography printer John Cyr‘s new book, Developer Trays, is such a treat.”

“In an age where digital photographic methods are dominating over the hand craftsmanship of darkroom created silver gelatin prints, Cyr’s photographs stand as a documentation”

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