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Digger Dog

Best Seller
Digger Dog by William Bee
Hardcover $14.99

Apr 22, 2014 | 36 Pages | 3-7 years

  • Hardcover $14.99

    Apr 22, 2014 | 36 Pages | 3-7 years

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Aptly named Digger Dog sniffs out a bone and with catchy, repetitive phrases, uses increasingly larger digging tools and vehicles to break the hard ground and retrieve it. … Though the dirt is not all that dirty, with circles in shades of peach and pink over brown, the effect is engaging as readers eventually see much more of it as the fold-out pages enlarge to accommodate “the biggest digger in the whole world” and then reveal that the bone Digger Dog finally uncovers is only the (finger)tip of the iceberg. A fossilized dinosaur skeleton still lies undiscovered, making a trifecta of kid appeal: dogs, digging, and dinosaurs.
—School Library Journal (starred review)

Bee’s text is great fun to read aloud; the repetition will encourage audience participation. Johansson’s genial illustrations feature lots of colorful polka-dot embellishments, primarily on the ground and in the piles of dirt; good use of white space in the compositions prevents the dots from becoming distracting. Digging in dirt, an exciting parade of construction equipment, and dinosaur bones—this is a storytime trifecta.
—The Horn Book

Construction equipment–obsessed readers will probably find it pushes all the right buttons, especially since the repetition-driven story ends with a big finish in the form of two gatefolds: the first unfolds upward to pay tribute to the digger’s full size, and the second opens downward to reveal the T-Rex beneath the surface.
—Publishers Weekly

Archeologists have nothing on Digger Dog, who uses his superior sense of smell to find bones. … Humorous illustrations incorporate a series of fold-out pages, which provide lots of fun for the younger set, as the construction vehicles get bigger and bigger to match the expanding and bottomless story line.

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