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The Silk Map

Paperback $15.95

May 06, 2014 | 445 Pages

Ebook $9.99

May 06, 2014

  • Paperback $15.95

    May 06, 2014 | 445 Pages

  • Ebook $9.99

    May 06, 2014

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The Silk Map is an exciting adventure set in a world as lovingly constructed as Frank Herbert’s Dune or Lovecraft’s ghoul-haunted nightmares. Legends from the Mongol and Islamic empires to ancient China hover just below the surface. Xanadu and Shambala appear with slightly different names. Heroes Gaunt and Bone careen from one misadventure to the next, with companions that include a second-rate flying carpet (with murderous tendencies) and a lovelorn zombie. Did I mention that the story is also funny? I loved it.”
—Nancy Farmer, winner of the National Book Award and three Newbery honors, author of The House of the Scorpion

“The perfect sort of sword and sorcery—elegant, swift, and as sharp as a blade. Willrich has the light touch of Leiber, the imaginative fecundity of Moorcock, and a wit all his own; thrilling and charming all at once, oh, and bloody good, too. This is sword and sorcery as it should be written. Chris understands the poetry of fantasy, and the wry sense of humor that sustains even the darkest of tales. Adventure lies ahead, and Chris is a sure and delightful guide.”
—Trent Jamieson, author of the Death Works trilogy

“Gaunt and Bone are the Han and Leia of heroic fantasy.”
—Howard Tayler, creator of the Hugo Award-nominated Schlock Mercenary

“A vivid, richly imagined world populated by delightfully memorable characters…. Witty narration, well-drawn characters, and a fast-moving plot.”
—Publishers Weekly 

“Reading Chris Willrich feels a bit like playing Dungeons and Dragons® with a drunken Will Shakespeare.” 
—Saladin Ahmed, Hugo award-nominated author of Throne of the Crescent Moon

“Persimmon Gaunt and Imago Bone are just as delightful when pondering poetry or philosophy as when stealing a magic sword.”  
Scott H. Andrews, editor of Beneath Ceaseless Skies

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