Computing with Quantum Cats

Ebook $12.99

Prometheus Books | Mar 04, 2014 | ISBN 9781616149222

  • Hardcover$28.95

    Prometheus Books | Mar 04, 2014 | 295 Pages | 6 x 9 | ISBN 9781616149215

  • Ebook$12.99

    Prometheus Books | Mar 04, 2014 | ISBN 9781616149222


“The master of popular science writing” –Sunday Times

“A fascinating tale of scientific endeavour … Gribbin expertly elucidates the relationships and discoveries that shaped Schrödinger’s thoughts, including his lengthy correspondence with Albert Einstein, which led to the famous cat-in-the-box thought experiment … Anyone wishing to dip their feet in the muddy waters of quantum physics will enjoy this scientific soap opera. But it should be required reading for those eager to understand how the process of scientific discovery really works.” –New Scientist (On Erwin Schrödinger and the Quantum Revolution)

Also by John Gribbin

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