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The New Deal

Best Seller
The New Deal by Jonathan Case
Hardcover $16.99

Oct 06, 2015 | 112 Pages

  • Hardcover $16.99

    Oct 06, 2015 | 112 Pages

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“Jonathan Case composes with the flair of Caniff and Toth, playing up the conventions of a classic film romp while turning them on their head, with humor and vivace and a spring in his step. I loved it.”–Craig Thompson

“Case does a terrific job balancing the lightness of a high-society crime spree against the realities of life during the Depression, and he makes the book far more complex than it appears on the surface.  The New Deal is a very good comic, and if you enjoyed Case’s work on Batman ’66, you should definitely check it out.”—Comic Book Resources

“The balance between verisimilitude and style infuses the book with a sleek, polished period feel that is both emotionally expressive and painstakingly historically accurate. Truly, this is some of Case’s best work to date and stands as one of the most visually pleasing books of the year.”—Broken Frontier

“The New Deal is a graphic novel that finds a gifted cartoonist at the top of his game, beautifully blending the written word and exceedingly lovely art into something wonderful: a wildly enjoyable comic.”—Sktchd.com

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