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The Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse by Various

The Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse

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    Sep 01, 1993 | 976 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Selected and with an Introduction by David Norbrook – Edited by H.R. Woudhuysen

Abbreviations Used in the Text
Note on the Text and Annotation

I. The Public World
1. JOHN SKELTON: [from A Lawde and Prayse Made for Our Sovereigne Lord the Kyng]
2. SIR THOMAS MORE: De Principe Bono Et Malo
3. Quis Optimus Reipublicae Status
4. SIR DAVID LINDSAY: [from The Dreme] The Complaynt of the Comoun weill of Scotland
5. SIR THOMAS WYATT: [Who lyst his welth and eas Retayne]
6. In Spayn
7. [The piller pearisht is whearto I Lent]
8. HENRY HOWARD, EARLY OF SURREY: [Thassyryans king in peas with fowle desyre]
9. ANONYMOUS: John Arm-strongs last good night
10. ROBERT CROWLEY: Of unsaciable purchasers
11. JOHN HEYWOOD: [from A Ballad on the Marriage of Philip and Mary]
12. WILLIAM BIRCH: [from A songe betwene the Quenes majestie and Englande]
13. QUEEN ELIZABETH I: [The dowbt off future foes exiles my present joye]
14. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY: [from The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia]
15. ANONYMOUS: Of Sir Frauncis Walsingham Sir Phillipp Sydney, and Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancelor
16. GEORGE PUTTENHAM: Her Majestie resembled to the crowned piller
17. ANNE DOWRICHE: [from The French Historie]
18. SIR WALTER RALEGH: [Praisd be Dianas faire and harmles light]
19. [from Fortune hath taken the away my love]
20. QUEEN ELIZABETH I: [Ah silly pugge wert thou so sore afraid]
21. SIR WALTER RALEGH: The 21th: and last booke of the Ocean to Scinthia
22. The Lie
23. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE: [Remembers thou in Aesope of a taill]
24. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: A Tragicall Epigram
25. Of Treason
26. FULKE GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE: [from Caelica] Sonnet 78
27. GEORGE PEELE: [from Anglorum Feriae]
28. JOHN DONNE: The Calme
29. [from Satire 4]
30. ROBERT DEVEREUX, EARL OF ESSEX: [Change thy minde since she doth change]
32. EDMUND SPENSER: [from The Faerie Queene Book 5]
33. EOCHAIDH Ó HEÓGHUSA: [On Maguire’s Winter Campaign]
34. BEN JONSON: On the Union
35. SIR ARTHUR GORGES: Written upon the death of the most Noble Prince Henrie
36. SIR HENRY WOTTON: Upon the sudden Restraint of the Earle of Somerset, then falling from favor
37. WILLIAM BROWNE: [from Brittania’s Pastorals Book 2]
38. ANONYMOUS: Feltons Epitaph
39. ANONYMOUS: [Epitaph on the Duke of Buckingham]
40. SIR RICHARD FANSHAWE: [from An Ode Upon occasion of His Majesties Proclamation in the yeare 1630]
41. JOHN CLEVELAND: Epitaph on the Earl of Strafford
42. SIR JOHN DENHAM: Coopers Hill
43. MARTIN PARKER: Upon defacing of White-hall
44. ROBERT HERRICK: A King and no King
45. ANDREW MARVELL: An Horatian Ode upon Cromwel’s Return from Ireland
46. SIR WILLIAM MURE: [from The Cry of Blood, and of a Broken Covenant]
47. KATHERINE PHILIPS: On the 3. of September, 1651
48. JOHN MILTON: To the Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652
49. To Sir Henry Vane the younger
50. ANDREW MARVELL: [from The First Anniversary of the Government under O.C.]
51. ALEXANDER BROME: On Sir G.B. his defeat

II. Images of Love
52. ANONYMOUS: [Westron wynde when wylle thow blow]
53. SIR THOMAS WYATT: [They fle from me that sometyme did me seke]
54. [Who so list to hount I knowe where is an hynde]
55. [It may be good like it who list]
56. [My lute awake perfourme the last]
57. HENRY HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY: [The soote season, that bud and blome furth bringes]
58. ALEXANDER SCOTT: [To luve unluvit it is ane pane]
59. GEORGE TURBERVILLE: To his Love that sent him a Ring wherein was gravde, Let Reason rule
60. ISABELLA WHITNEY: I.W. To her unconstant Lover
61. GEORGES GASCOIGNE: [A Sonet written in prayse of the brown beautie]
62. ANONYMOUS: A new Courtly Sonet, of the Lady Greensleeves
63. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY: [from Certain Sonnets: 4]
64. [from The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia]
65. [from Astrophil and Stella] 1
66. [from Astrophil and Stella] 2
67. [from Astrophil and Stella] 9
68. [from Astrophil and Stella] 72
69. [from Astrophil and Stella] 81
70. [from Astrophil and Stella] 83
71. [from Astrophil and Stella] Eight song
72. [from Astrophil and Stella] Eleventh song
73. FULKE GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE: [from Caelica] Sonnet 22
74. [from Caelica] Sonnet 27
75. [from Caelica] Sonnet 39
76. [from Caelica] Sonnet 44
77. [from Caelica] Sonnet 84
79. ROBERT GREENE: Dorons description of Samela
80. EDMUND SPENSER: [from The Faerie Queene Book 2]
81. [from The Faerie Queene Book 3]
82. [from The Faerie Queene Book 3]
83. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 23
84. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 64
85. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 67
86. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 70
87. [from Amoretti] Sonnet 71
88. Epithalamion
89. SIR WALTER RALEGH: [As you came from the holy land]
90. SAMUEL DANIEL: [from Delia] Sonnet 13
91. [from Delia] Sonnet 39
92. [from Delia] Sonnet 52
93. SIR JOHN DAVIES: [from Gullinge Sonnets]
94. [Faith (wench) I cannot court thy sprightly eyes]
95. THOMAS NASHE: The choise of valentines
96. JOHN DONNE: To his Mistress going to bed
97. BARNABE BARNES: [from Parthenophil and Parthenophe] Sonnet 27
99. CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE: The passionate Sheepheard to his love
99. Hero and Leander
100. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [from Venus and Adonis]
101. [from Lucrece]
102. RICHARD BARNFIELD: [from Cynthia] Sonnet 8
103. [from Cynthia] Sonnet 11
104. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [from Sonnets] 19
105. [from Sonnets] 20
106. [from Sonnets] 29
107. [from Sonnets] 35
108. [from Sonnets] 36
109. [from Sonnets] 55
110. [from Sonnets] 56
111. [from Sonnets] 66
112. [from Sonnets] 74
113. [from Sonnets] 94
114. [from Sonnets] 121
115. [from Sonnets] 124
116. [from Sonnets] 129
117. [from Sonnets] 135
118. [from Sonnets] 138
119. [from Sonnets] 144
121. Sonnet 25
122. Sonnet 31
123. Songe 17
124. GEORGE CHAPMAN: [from Hero and Leander Sestiad 3]
125. JOHN MARSTON: [from The Metamorphosis of Pigmalions Image]
126. THOMAS DELONEY: [Long have I lov’d this bonny Lasse]
127. ANONYMOUS: [from The wanton Wife of Bath]
128. [JOHN DOWLAND]: [Fine knacks for ladies, cheape choise brave and new]
129. THOMAS CAMPION: [Followe thy faire sunne unhappy shaddowe]
130. [Rose-cheekt Lawra come]
131. [There is a Garden in her face]
132. JOHN DONNE: His Picture
133. The Sunne Rising
134. The Canonization
135. Loves growth
136. A Valediction of weeping
137. A Valediction forbidding mourning
138. MICHAEL DRAYTON: [from Idea] 10
139. [from Idea] 61
140. To His Coy Love, A Canzonet
141. BEN JONSON: Why I Write Not of Love
142. My Picture left in Scotland
143. LADY MARY WROTH: [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus] 23
144. [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus] 34
145. [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus] A crowne of Sonetts dedicated to Love
146. [from Pamphilia to Amphilanthus]
147. [from The Countesse of Mountgomeries Urania] 7
148. ROBERT HERRICK: Delight in Disorder
149. The Vision
150. The silken Snake
151. Her Bed
152. Upon Julia’s haire fil’d with Dew
153. Upon Sibilla
154. THOMAS CAREW: The Spring
155. Ingratefull beauty threatned
156. [from A Rapture]
157. MARTIN PARKER: [from Cupid’s Wrongs Vindicated]
158. [from Well met Neighbour]
159. EDMUND WALLER: The story of Phoebus and Daphne appli’d
160. Song
161. The Budd
162. SIR JOHN SUCKLING: [Out upon it, I have lov’d]
163. JOHN CLEVELAND: The Antiplatonick
164. RICHARD LOVELACE: Song. To Lucasta, Going to the Warres
165. Gratiana dauncing and singing
166. To Althea, From Prison
167. Her Muffe
168. [from On Sanazar’s being honoured with six hundred Duckets by the Clarissimi of Venice, for composing an Elegiack Hexastick of the City. A Satyre]
169. ANDREW MARVELL: To his Coy Mistress
170. The Gallery
171. The Definition of Love
172. JAMES HARRINGTON: Inconstancy
173. KATHERINE PHILIPS: An Answer to another perswading a Lady to Marriage

III. Topographies
174. ALEXANDER BARCLAY: [from Certayne Egloges 5]
175. GEORGE BUCHANAN: Calendae Maiae
176. ANONYMOUS: [from Vox populi vox Dei]
177. ANONYMOUS: [from Jack of the North]
178. ANONYMOUS: The Jolly Pinder of Wakefield
179. BARNABE GOOGE: Goyng towardes Spayne
180. SIÔON PHYLIP: [from Yr Wylan]
181. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY: [from The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia]
182. EDMUND SPENSER: [from The Shepheardes Calender] Maye
183. ALEXANDER HUME: [from Of the day Estivall]
184. JOHN DAVIES: [from Epigrammes] In Cosmum 17
185. JOSEPH HALL: [from Virgidemiarum Book 5]
186. EVERARD GUILPIN: [from Skialetheia Satire 5]
187. ANONYMOUS: A Songe bewailinge the tyme of Christmas, So much decayed in Englande
188. JOHN DONNE: A nocturnall upon S. Lucies day, Being the shortest day
189. AEMILIA LANYER: The Description of Cooke-ham
190. BEN JONSON: To Penshurst
191. MICHAEL DRAYTON: [from Pastorals] The Ninth Eglogue
192. [from Poly-Olbion Song 6]
193. To the Virginian Voyage
194. SAMUEL DANIEL: [from Epistle. To Prince Henrie]
195. ANONYMOUS: On Francis Drake
196. W. TURNER: [from Turners dish of Lentten stuffe, or a Galymaufery]
197. JOHN TAYLOR: [from The Sculler] Epigram 22
198. WILLIAM BROWNE: [from Britannia’s Pastorals Book 2]
200. RICHARD CORBETT: A Proper New Ballad Intituled the Faeryes Farewell: Or God-A-Mercy Will
201. SIR WILLIAM DAVENANT: The Countess of Anglesey lead Captive by the Rebels, at the Disforresting of Pewsam
202. GEORGE WITHER: [from Britain’s Remembrancer Canto 4]
203. JOHN MILTON: Song on May morning 204. L’Allegro
205. ROBERT HERRICK: To Dean-bourn, a rude River in Devon, by which sometimes he lived
206. Corinna’s going a Maying
207. To Meddowes
208. The Wassaile
209. RICHARD CRASHAW: [from Bulla]
211. ANONYMOUS: [The Diggers’ Song]
212. HENRY VAUGHAN: [from To his retired friend, an Invitation to Brecknock]
214. ANDREW MARVELL: Bermudas
215. The Mower to the Glo-Worms
216. The Mower against Gardens
217. The Garden
218. [from Upon Appleton House, to my Lord Fairfax]
220. A Dialogue betwixt Man, and Nature
221. Similizing the Sea to Meadowes, and Pastures, the Marriners to Shepheards, the Mast to a May-pole, Fishes to Beasts
222. KATHERINE PHILIPS: Upon the graving of her Name upon a Tree in Barnelmes Walks

IV. Friends, Patrons and the Good Life
223. SIR THOMAS WYATT: [Myn owne John poyntz sins ye delight to know]
224. GEORGE GASCOIGNE: [Upon the theme: Magnum vectigal parcimonia]
225. [Gascoignes wodmanship]
226. EDWARD DE VERE, EARL OF OXFORD: [Weare I a Kinge I coulde commande content]
227. THOMAS LODGE: [from Scillaes Metamorphosis]
228. JOHN DONNE: To Sir Henry Wotton
229. THOMAS DELONEY: The Weavers Song
230. THOMAS DEKKER: [Art thou poore yet hast thou golden Slumbers]
231. SAMUEL DANIEL: To Lucy, Countesse of Bedford, with Mr. Donnes Satyres
233. Inviting a Friend to Supper
234. [THOMAS RAVENSCROFT]: [Hey hoe what shall I say]
235. [Sing we now merily]
236. A Belmans song
237. THOMAS CAMPION: [Now winter nights enlarge]
238. ANONYMOUS: The Mode of France
239. MICAHEL DRAYTON: These verses weare made By Michaell Drayton Esquier Poett Lawreatt the night before hee dyed
240. EDMUND WALLER: At Pens-hurst
241. RICHARD LOVELACE: The Grasse-hopper. To my Noble Friend, Mr. Charles Cotton. Ode
242. ALEXANDER BROME: [from The Prisoners] Written when O.C. attempted to be King
243. JOHN MILTON: [To Edward Lawrence]
244. KATHERINE PHILIPS: Friendship’s Mystery, To My Dearest Lucasia
245. Friendship in Embleme, or the Seal. To my dearest Lucasia
246. To my Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship

V. Church, State and Belief
247. JOHN SKELTON: [from Collyn Clout]
248. ANNE ASKEW: The Balade whych Anne Askewe made and sange whan she was in Newgate
249. LUKE SHEPHERD: [from The Upcheringe of the Messe]
250. ANONYMOUS: [A Lament for our Lady’s Shrine at Walsingham]
251. JOHN HEYWOOD: [from Epygrams] Of turnyng.
252. GEORGE PUTTENHAM: [from Partheniades] Partheniad 11 Urania
253. ROBERT SOUTHWELL: The burning Babe
254. HENRY CONSTABLE: To St. Mary Magdalen
255. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: A Groome of the Chambers religion in King Henry the eights time
256. JOHN DONNE: Satyre 3
257. Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward
258. Hymne to God my God, in my sicknesse
259. [from Holy Sonnets]
260. [Since she whome I lovd, hath payd her last debt]
261. [Show me deare Christ, thy spouse, so bright and cleare]
262. FULKE GREVILLE, LORD BROOKE: [from Caelica] Sonnet 89
263. [from Caelica] Sonnet 99
264. [from Caelica] Sonnet 109
265. GILES FLETCHER: [from Christs Victorie, and Triumph in Heaven, and Earth, over, and after death]
266. AEMILIA LANYER: [from Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum]
267. WILLIAM DRUMMOND: [For the Baptiste]
268. [Content and Resolute]
269. PHINEAS FLETCHER: [Vast Ocean of light, whose rayes surround]
270. JOHN MILTON: On the morning of Christs Nativity
271. FRANCIS QUARLES: [from Pentelogia] Fraud Mundi
272. [from Divine Fancies] On the contingencie of Actions
273. [from Divine Fancies] On the Needle of a Sun-diall
274. [from Divine Fancies] On the Booke of Common Prayer
275. [from Divine Fancies] On Christ and our selves
276. GEORGE HERBERT: Perseverance
277. Redemption
278. Easter wings
279. Prayer
280. Deniall
281. Jordan
282. The Collar
283. The Flower
284. The Forerunners
285. Love
286. [from The Church Militant]
287. ANONYMOUS: [Yet if his Majestie our Sovareigne lord]
288. SIDNEY GODOLPHIN: [Lord when the wise men came from Farr]
289. JOHN TAYLOR: [from Here followeth the unfashionable fashion, or the too too homely Worshipping of God]
290. EDMUND WALLER: Upon His Majesties repairing of Pauls
291. RICHARD CRASHAW: A Hymne of the Nativity, sung by the Shepheards
292. To the Noblest and best of Ladyes, the Countesse of Denbigh
293. [from The Flaming Heart]
294. ANONYMOUS: Upon Arch-bishop Laud, Prisoner in the Tower. 1641
295. ROBERT WILD: [from Alas poore Scholler, whither wilt thou goe]
296. JOHN MILTON: On the new forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament
297. MORGAN LLWYD: [from The Summer]
298. LAURENCE CLARKSON: [from A Single Eye All Light, no Darkness]
299. HENRY VAUGHAN: The Retreate
300. The World
301. Cock-crowing
302. The Water-fall
303. SIR WILLIAM DAVENANT: [from Gondibert Book 2]
304. ANNA TRAPNEL: [from The Cry of a Stone]
305. AN COLLINS: Another Song exciting to spirituall Mirth
306. ANDREW MARVELL: The Coronet

VI. Elegy and Epitaph
307. JOHN SKELTON: [from Phyllyp Sparowe]
308. HENRY HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY: [Norfolk sprang thee, Lambeth holds thee dead]
309. [W. resteth here, that quick could never rest]
310. NICHOLAS GRIMALD: [from A funerall song, upon the deceas of Annes his moother]
311. CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE: [My prime of youth is but a froste of cares]
312. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [The Phoenix and Turtle]
313. JOHN DONNE: [from The Second Anniversarie] Of the Progres of the Soule
314. BEN JONSON: On My First Sonne
315. To the immortalle memorie, and friendship of that noble paire, Sir Lucius Cary, and Sir H. Morison
316. SIR WALTER RALEGH: [Even suche is tyme that takes in trust]
317. WILLIAM BROWNE: On the Countesse Dowager of Pembrooke
318. HENRY KING: An Exequy To his matchlesse never to be forgotten Freind
318. GEORGE HERBERT: [from Memoriae Matris Sacrum]
320. THOMAS CAREW: Epitaph on the Lady Mary Villers
321. SIR HENRY WOTTON: Upon the death of Sir Albert Morton’s Wife
322. ROBERT HERRICK: To the reverend shade of his religious Father
323. Upon himselfe being buried
324. Upon a child
325. JOHN MILTON: Lycidas
326. [Methought I saw my late espoused Saint]
327. ‘ELIZA’: To my Husband
328. HENRY VAUGHAN: [They are all gone into the world of light]
329. KATHERINE PHILIPS: Epitaph. On her Son H.P. at St. Syth’s Church where her body also lies Interred
330. Orinda upon little Hector Philips
331. JAMES SHIRLEY: [The glories of our blood and state]

VII. Translation
332. HENRY HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY: [from Virgil’s Aeneid Book 4]
333. RICHARD STANYHURST: [from Virgil’s Aeneid Book 4]
334. ARTHUR GOLDING: [from Ovid’s Metamorphoses Book 6]
335. EDMUND SPENSER: [from Ruines of Rome: by Bellay] 5
336. MARY SIDNEY, COUNTESS OF PEMBROKE: Quid gloriaris? Psalm 52
337. [from Psalm 89 Misericordias]
338. Voce mea ad Dominum Psalm 142
339. CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE: [from Ovides Elegies Book 1] Elegia. 13. Ad Auroram ne properet
340. [from Lucan’s Pharsalia Book 1]
341. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: [from Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso Book 34]
342. EDWARD FAIRFAX: [from Tasso’s Godfrey of Bulloigne Book 4]
343. JOSUAH SYLVESTER: [from Saluste du Bartas’ Devine Weekes]
344. GEORGE CHAPMAN: [from Homer’s Iliad Book 12]
345. JOHN MILTON: The Fifth Ode of Horace. Lib. 1

VIII. Writer, Language and Public
346. JOHN SKELTON: [from A Replycacion]
347. THOMAS CHURCHYARD: [from A Musicall Consort]
348. SIR JOHN HARINGTON: Of honest Theft. To my good friend Master Samuel Daniel
350. JOHN DONNE: The triple Foole
351. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: [from Sonnets]
352. JOHN MARSTON: [from The Scourge of Villanie] In Lectores prorsus indignos
353. SAMUEL DANIEL: [from Musophilus]
354. BEN JONSON: A Fit of Rime against Rime
355. An Ode. To himselfe
356. GEORGE CHAPMAN: [from Homer’s Iliad, To the Reader]
357. SIR WALTER RALEGH: To the Translator
358. WILLIAM BROWNE: [from Britannia’s Pastorals Book 2]
359. RACHEL SPEGHT: [from The Dreame]
360. MICHAEL DRAYTON: [from Idea]
361. To my most dearely-loved friend Henery Reynolds Esquire, of Poets and Poesie
362. [from The Muses Elizium] The Description of Elizium
363. JOHN MILTON: [from At a Vacation Exercise]
364. JOHN TAYLOR: [from A comparison betwixt a Whore and a Booke]
365. THOMAS CAREW: An Elegie upon the death of the Deane of Pauls, Dr. John Donne
366. A Fancy
367. ROBERT HERRICK: To the Detracter
368. Posting to Printing
369. GEORGE WITHER: [from Vox Pacifica]
370. SIR WILLIAM DAVENANT: [from Gondibert Book 2]
372. [The Common Fate of Books]
374. HENRY VAUGHAN: The Book

Notes to the Text
Appendix 1: Index of Genres
Appendix 2: Index of Metrical and Stanzaic Forms
Appendix 3: Glossary of Classical Names
Appendix 4: Biographical Notes on Authors
Appendix 5: Index of Authors
Index of First Lines
Index of Titles

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