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Answering Your Questions about Heart Disease and Sex

Paperback $15.95

Oct 23, 2007 | 304 Pages

  • Paperback $15.95

    Oct 23, 2007 | 304 Pages

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“…a Godsend for the 59 million Americans who have cardiovascular disease.” — Aline Zoldbrod, Ph.D., author of Sex Smart

“…timely, thoroughly researched, and highly relevant.” — Raymond C. Rosen, Ph. D., Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine and Director of Human Sexuality Program, R. W. Johnson Medical School

Table Of Contents


Introduction: Sex, the Heart, and the Search for Happiness

Part I: An Introduction to Sex and the Heart
Chapter 1: A New Beginning:The Good Side of Your Crisis
Chapter 2: Cardiovascular Disease, Sex, and Aging
Chapter 3: When Sex is Not Working the Way it Should: Sexual Dysfunction
Chapter 4: The Female Perspective

Part II: The Risks of Sex
Chapter 5: Instructions for the Cardiac Patient
Chapter 6: The Right Way and the Risky Way of Having Sex
Chapter 7: The Myths of Masturbation
Chapter 8: Stress and the Heart
Chapter 9: Extramarital Affairs and the Adrenaline Surge

Part III: Communication with Your Doctor and Your Partner
Chapter 10: How to Talk to Your Doctor
Chapter 11: Your Sexual Partner: Communication is Key
Chapter 12: A Conversation with Two Experts in the Field of Human Interaction

Part IV: What You Can Do
Chapter 13: Back to Bed: Rush versus Procrastination
Chapter 14: What to Do and When to Do It
Chapter 15: Erectile Dysfunction and the Heart
Chapter 16: Exercise, the Heart, and Sex
Chapter 17: Nutrition and Your Heart


Appendix A: Anatomy of a Heart Attack
Appendix B: Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Appendix C: Practical Tips on Commonly Used Cardiac Drugs



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