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Ebook $13.99

Jun 08, 2004 | 256 Pages

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Jun 08, 2004 | 360 Minutes

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Mar 05, 2004 | 630 Minutes

  • Ebook $13.99

    Jun 08, 2004 | 256 Pages

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“Exposes how Democratic politicians have sold out to Big Labor. . . A must-read for anyone concerned about higher taxes, bigger government, and a far-left social agenda.” —Sean Hannity

“There probably isn’t a better book available on how unions corrupt politics.” —John J. Miller, National Review

“Meticulously documents how the NEA and many other labor unions . . . have constructed political organizations tied directly to the Democratic Party. . . . Proponents of campaign finance reform like to claim that the recent McCain-Feingold law got the ‘big money’ out of politics. Well, some of the big money never left, as Ms. Chavez and Mr. Gray show so vividly.” —Wall Street Journal

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