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The Speckled Monster

Paperback $18.00

Jan 27, 2004 | 512 Pages

Ebook $13.99

Jan 27, 2004 | 496 Pages

  • Paperback $18.00

    Jan 27, 2004 | 512 Pages

  • Ebook $13.99

    Jan 27, 2004 | 496 Pages

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“Highly engrossing…Carrell tells the gripping story with ardor and skill.” —Smithsonian

“Written in a compelling, almost novelistic voice, Carrelldetails two eighteenth-century figures who struggled valiantly against smallpox. The disease becomes a character in the book, claiming the poor, the rich, and the royal without distinction.” —USA Today

Table Of Contents

The Speckled MonsterAcknowledgments
Part One. London
1. Two Marys
2. Three Rebellions
3. A Destroying Angel
4. Bidding the World Adieu
5. My Dear Little Son
6. Rosebuds in Lily Skin

Part Two. Boston
1. Zabdiel and Jerusha
2. Curiosities of the Smallpox
3. The Beauty of the Sea
4. Caging the Monster
5. Demonic Wings
6. Fathers and Sons

Part Three. Hell Upon Earth
1. Salutation Alley
2. Prying Multitudes
3. An Infusion of Malignant Filth
4. The Castle of Misery
5. Signs and Wonders
6. Newgate
7. An Hour of Mourning
8. The King’s Pardon
9. Raw Head and Bloody Bones
10. Just Retribution
11. In Royal Fashion

1. Meetings and Partings
2. The Practice
3. The People


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