Kiss of Fury

Mass Market Paperback $8.99

Aug 05, 2008 | 416 Pages

Ebook $7.99

Aug 05, 2008 | 416 Pages

  • Ebook $7.99

    Aug 05, 2008 | 416 Pages

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Author Q&A

Dear Reader,

Don’t you love bad boys?

There’s something about those tough independent men, who don’t care about convention or playing by the rules. They always have motorcycles, wear tight t-shirts and jeans, are sinfully handsome, charming and can fight with the best of them. They’re always a bit dangerous and unpredictable, reckless maybe. Sexy? Definitely!

Imagine, then, a bad boy hero who can also shape shift into a dragon. That would be a lapis lazuli dragon, thanks very much, one that is just as good looking as the auburn-haired hunk he is in human form. A fighting machine, with attitude to spare and a taste for danger. Meet Donovan Shea, the best fighter of the Pyr – my dragon shape shifter heroes featured in the Dragonfire series—and his story, in Kiss Of Fury.

The thing with a really bad boy is that he has to have honor or loyalty to qualify as a hero. Donovan is loyal to his fellow Pyr, and will fight anybody anytime to defend the team. That’s just duty, not emotional involvement—especially if you listen to Donovan.

According to legend, dragons have weak spots—usually a place where a single scale is missing and the skin is exposed. That would be a chink in their armor. Well, bad boys usually have a hidden vulnerability too—it just takes the right woman to find it.

What kind of woman captures the heart of a bad boy? One with just as much attitude and daring. One who’s maybe just as reckless, just as charming, just as good looking, just as sexy. Maybe one who is just as adverse to permanent commitment, but interesting enough to make the bad boy consider commitment. Meet Alexandra Madison – when Donovan meets her, he feels the heat of the firestorm that marks the mating ritual of the Pyr. I think he knows in his heart, right then and there, that he’s a goner. He fights it all the way, but Alex is something special—he loses his heart completely while defending her from the dragons who want to kill her, then he has to convince her that not all dragons are the stuff of nightmares.

Join me for the next installment in the Dragonfire series. You’ll not only meet one sexy bad boy and the woman who finds the chink in his armor, but you’ll take a step deeper into the world of the Pyr. There’s more of their history and mythology to learn, as the Slayers reveal new weapons in their fight against the Pyr and Erik is compelled to share his knowledge with the other Pyr. Can Donovan be persuaded to become the prophecied Warrior? Will Alex take on the role of the foretold Wizard? Will the Pyr succeed with the second fabled firestorm? If not, they won’t have a chance against the Slayers —the fate of the Pyr and the humans they protect hangs in the balance in Kiss Of Fury.

The third foretold firestorm, of course, comes next February with Kiss Of Fate.

All my best,

Deborah Cooke

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