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Jan 03, 2012 | 336 Pages

Ebook $8.99

Jan 03, 2012 | 336 Pages

  • Ebook $8.99

    Jan 03, 2012 | 336 Pages

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Author Essay

Dear Reader,

I love hearing from readers, even when they have questions about my books. In a way,Flashfire resulted from a discussion with a reader — she said to me that she liked that all of my dragon shape shifter heroes were such gentlemen. That got me to thinking — why are all the Pyr such noble guys? It’s true that I associate loyalty and nobility and courtesy with the very nature of dragons. I’m sure they have a strict protocol too, otherwise no one would ever survive a dragon meeting, especially if tempers flared. But this reader got me thinking about the nature of dragons shifter heroes.

Surely there must be one rebel? That was then I remembered Lorenzo, the handsome, sexy, master illusionist dragon shape shifter who has never wanted to play by Erik’s rules. What was his story? Was he really a rebel and a bad boy? Or was that an illusion, too? I was sure he had a plan — Lorenzo is that kind of guy — but didn’t know what it was. Little did I suspect that Lorenzo had no interest in being a dragon shape shifter – and he even had a plan for severing his connection with the Pyr forever.

You can believe that I had a great time thwarting Lorenzo’s scheme. He’s a Pyr who plans for everything, but Lorenzo didn’t plan on having a firestorm, much less that the woman who sparked his passion would be so unforgettable. He didn’t take into account that his firestorm would attract Slayers determined to enlist him and even a few Pyr trying to protect him — much less that he wouldn’t be willing to leave Cassie undefended. The biggest shock to Lorenzo in this book is his realization that it’s actually very handy to be a dragon shape shifter and once he embraces his powers, he totally rocks them. Of course, only Cassie could change his mind and convince him to give up his plan. The prize of having her as his partner is really the best gift of all.

I loved watching this passionate pair push each other and persuade each other, and so I’m grateful to that reader for her comment. I hope she enjoys reading Lorenzo’s reluctant transformation from rebel to gentleman as much as I enjoyed writing it.

All my best,


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