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Shaedes of Gray

Mass Market Paperback $7.99

Dec 06, 2011 | 336 Pages

Ebook $7.99

Dec 06, 2011 | 336 Pages

  • Ebook $7.99

    Dec 06, 2011 | 336 Pages

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Author Essay

Dear Reader,

Long ago, when the Fae held dominion over the land, the Shaede race was born. Our beginnings were neither humble nor easy. Our very existence was borne of rebellion. I’ve seen conflict in my life. And death. My father passed forever into shadow during the third uprising when he took up arms against his great, great, grandfather and his crown passed to me. I am Alexander Peck, fourth king of the Shaede Nation. My kingdom has enjoyed centuries of peace, but a usurper hides in the shadows and my hand has been forced.

I’ve only been here a month or so, but I think I like Seattle. The city has a certain…regality to it that suits me. I am the king, after all. And since I’m the king, I’m used to getting what I want. What I want has been tucked safely away, hidden among the mundane masses of humans who inhabit this city. I’ve come here for one reason and one reason only: to find her before he does.

She’s special. I don’t know why, or how, and frankly, I don’t care. Nothing matters more to me than the safety of my kingdom. I’m not above doing anything—and I mean anything—to secure that safety. And lucky for me, I think I’ve found what I’m looking for. She doesn’t even realize she’s been hiding, and over the years, her reputation has made her visible in certain circles.

So it seems an assassin is what I’ve come to Seattle to find. A trained killer without conscience. From what I’ve heard, she used to work freelance. But for the past five years, a private contractor in the city employs her. The contractor’s name is Tyler and the assassin…her skills are without equal. One might say,inhuman. Tyler guards her like a sacred treasure, refuses to provide her name. I’ve paid a mint for her services, though her skills as an assassin aren’t high on my list of interests. My instincts are never wrong. All I need is one good look at her and I’ll know if she’s the one I’m looking for.

She thinks she’s alone in this world but she has no idea how wrong she is. No matter how she came to this end, a Shaede she is, and my subject by virtue of her very existence. She’ll do my bidding whether she wants to or not. I am her King, and she will obey my commands. I can be very persuasive when I want to be. When I don’t, I have people who do my persuading for me. Though I have to say, their methods are anything but gentle.

It’s too late to turn back now, dear reader. I’ve settled in and I invite you to join me. Like I said, Seattle agrees with me. The supernatural community has shifted its gaze to the Emerald City, anxiously awaiting the outcome of a war they have no intention of joining. My enemy is close; the wolves are at the door. But I’m far from weak. In fact, the tides are about to turn. The fate of my kingdom hangs in the balance. I am the Shaede High King. And she is the one who will sway the outcome.

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