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Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

Paperback $14.00

Mar 05, 2013 | 304 Pages

Ebook $10.99

Mar 05, 2013 | 304 Pages

  • Paperback $14.00

    Mar 05, 2013 | 304 Pages

  • Ebook $10.99

    Mar 05, 2013 | 304 Pages

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“Blessed with the drinking tolerance of Bacchus and the wisdom of Minerva, O’Brien has compiled some of the best of the best in the realm of sarcastic myth telling with his book Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No Bull-Shit Guide to World Mythology.” –Fanboynation.com

“I was giggling by the first page and full blown LOLing by the first myth. It’s really that funny. With chapter titles like “Cronus Likes To Eat Babies“, “Abraham Is Totally Cool About Stabbing His Kid in the Face,” and “Odin Gets Construction Discounts with Bestiality,” you can’t help but want to read these retold myths, whether it be from morbid curiosity or a dire need to know what this guy could possibly be getting at with these titles.” –Electricfeast.com

“O’Brien’s writing is gruff, hilarious…but there’s no doubt that he’s thoroughly researched his topics. His candor likens to a tirade of Liz Lemon’s deranged ex-boyfriend, Dennis Duffy of 30 Rock, had his skull contained a well-read brain.” –Chicagoist

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