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The Art of Stealing Time by Katie Macalister

The Art of Stealing Time

The Art of Stealing Time by Katie Macalister
Mass Market Paperback
Sep 03, 2013 | 352 Pages
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  • Ebook $5.99

    Sep 03, 2013 | 352 Pages

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Praise for the Novels of Katie MacAlister
“A humorous take on the dark and demonic.”—USA Today

 “Will have you in stitches.”—Smexy Books Romance Reviews

“Full of witty dialogue and great romance.”—Fresh Fiction

Author Essay

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books

Hiya, name’s Jim. . . well, Effrijim, really, but that name is so 1016, amiright? Anyhoo, I’m Jim, I’m a demon sixth class, and vital sidekick of a Guardian named Aisling Grey who is also a dragon’s mate, but that’s not what’s important—that would be me, Jim, destroyer of. . . well, maybe not thousands, but some. . . and reader extraordinaire. ‘Cause I love me some books! Especially since the other day when Ash, Drake, the spawn and I were all in Paris, and I found my beloved Cecile had taken to sleeping with a book under her blanky. If that’s not a sign to start a book club, I don’t know what is.

Also, the woman who writes my biographies is paying me to have a book club that talks about her books. But she said not to mention that, so mum’s the word, OK?

Let’s get this thing going with some chat about the book she slipped me a copy of Welsh Corgi Fanciers to talk about: The Art of Stealing Time. I haven’t read it—Aisling keeps me busy these days ever since she caught me trying to teach the spawn Latin—but I did read the book that came before it, Time Thief, and I have a list of book club questions that I found on the Interwebs, so I figure if I hit any questions I can’t answer, I’ll just ask the biographer. She totally should know the answers.

Book Club Question 1: How did you experience the book?

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books answer: Um? I “experience” books by holding them in my hands and running my eyeballs over the words. Well, OK, not literally. More like figuratively. But still, that’s a really weird question. Moving on.

Book Club Question 2: Describe the main characters.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books answer: No clue. No clue at all. Wait, I know from Time Thief that the male protagonist, Gregory Faa, is blond and super-hot and stuff. And he’s a Traveller, which is a time thief (I could totes do with that sort of skill, let me tell you!). But I don’t know squat about Gwen, the female protag. Time for the biographer!

Katie Mac: Huh? What? Oh, lord, it’s you again. What do you want?

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: Got me a book club question I can’t answer, and since you insisted I write this thing, you can just help me out.

Katie Mac: For the love of all that’s holy, Jim, can’t you see I’m busy? Besides, I bought a very expensive magazine so you’d do this, and I wouldn’t have to. Very expensive!

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: I like the centerfold. Hubba hubba.

Katie Mac: You are so weird. Go away and do the book club thing.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: I can’t until you tell me what Gwen is like.

Katie Mac: I’m busy!

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books (tapping list of questions): Says here I have to describe her.

Katie Mac: Gah! Fine, but then you have to go away and let me write. Gwenhwyfar Byron Owens is Welsh, although she’s lived in Denver so long that she doesn’t really sound Welsh. She’s the daughter of two Wiccan moms, and is an alchemist by trade. She’s got dark hair, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s also wanted by the Otherworld police for some stuff that comes out in the book.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: Ta. OK, on to the next question.

Katie Mac: Honestly, I should have just done this myself. It would have been less trouble.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: Love ya too, babe.

Book Club Question 3: Talk about the book’s structure.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books answer: It’s a paperback.

Book Club Question 4: What is the book’s main theme?

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books answer: Smokin’ hot romance between the dude Gregory, who as I mentioned was in Time Thief, and who I thought was going to end up being the bad guy, but wasn’t, and some chick with an unpronounceable name who has two witchy moms, and who, according to the back of the book, goes to Anwyn. Wait, Googling. . . ‘K, that’s some sort of afterlife. Haven’t been to many of those, myself, since Aisling usually only takes me to Abaddon, but afterlifes are supposed to rock. I imagine the Anwyn place does as well, only in a Welsh kinda way.

Book Club Question 5: Has the novel changed you? Bettered your life in any way? Made you a better person?

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books answer: Man, who writes these questions? *sigh* OK, let’s think. . . um. . . it’s changed me in that I’ll read it aloud to Cecile, now that I know she’s a bookish kinda Corgi. And it’ll better my life ’cause I’ll be with my widdle fuzzy-butt. And it’s made me a better person—well, demon—by. . . um. . . by. . . hey, biographer!

Katie Mac: WHAT NOW?

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: Jeeze, you totally have that scary roar of legions of demons down pat, babe. You could give Ash lessons.

Katie Mac: So help me, Jim, I will write you out of the next book—

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: Calm down, calm down! No need to get your knickers in a bunch.

Katie Mac: Twist.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: What, right now? There’s no Chubby Checker music.

Katie Mac: The expression is “get your knickers in a twist.” Not bunch. That’s panties.

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: You are one weird chick, you know it? Who else talks to demons about panties, huh? Huh? No, no, it’s not necessary to thank me for doing your book club. I was happy to do it because I liked the first book, and I wanted to see what was shakin’ for Gregory. So it ends happily, right?

Katie Mac: Of course it ends happily!

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: That’s all I wanted to know, chicky.

Katie Mac: Go away!

Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books: Smooches. Big wet ones.

Katie Mac: That’s it. I’m going to talk to Aisling about you.

And that concludes Jim’s Club o’ Really Hot Books discussion of The Art of Stealing Time by my biographer. If you got questions, hit her with them, ’cause I’ll be busy reading the book to Cecile.

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