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SE Burroughs: Letters 1945-1959 by William S. Burroughs

SE Burroughs: Letters 1945-1959

  • Paperback $27.00

    Jun 01, 1994 | 512 Pages

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Table Of Contents

The Letters of William S. BurroughsIntroduction by Oliver Harris

July 24—Allen Ginsberg

September 1—Allen Ginsberg
October 10—Allen Ginsberg

February 19—Allen Ginsberg
March 11—Allen Ginsberg
August 8—Allen Ginsberg

February 20—Allen Ginsberg
June 5—Allen Ginsberg And Jack Kerouac
October 14— Allen Ginsberg
November 9—Allen Ginsberg
November 30—Allen Ginsberg
November 30—Jack Kerouac
December 2—Allen Ginsberg

January 10—Allen Ginsberg
January 16—Allen Ginsberg
January 30—Allen Ginsberg
February 7—Allen Ginsberg
March 15—Jack Kerouac
March 18—Allen Ginsberg
April 16—Allen Ginsberg
May 27—Jack Kerouac
June 24—Jack Kerouac
September 26—Jack Kerouac
October 13—Allen Ginsberg
November 2—Jack Kerouac
December 24—Allen Ginsberg

January 1—Jack Kerouac
January 22—Jack Kerouac
March 10—Jack Kerouac
May 1—Allen Ginsberg
September 18—Jack Kerouac

January 1—Allen Ginsberg
January 11—Allen Ginsberg
January 28—Jack Kerouac
March 5—Lucien Carr
April 24—Jack Kerouac
May 5—Allen Ginsberg
May—Allen Ginsberg
May—Jack Kerouac
June 20—Jack Kerouac
November 5—Allen Ginsberg
December 20—Allen Ginsberg

January 19—Allen Ginsberg
March 5—Allen Ginsberg
March 20—Allen Ginsberg
March 26—Jack Kerouac
April 3—Jack Kerouac
April 5—Allen Ginsberg
April—Jack Kerouac
April 14—Allen Ginsberg
April 22—Allen Ginsberg
April 26—Allen Ginsberg
May 15—Allen Ginsberg
May 23—Allen Ginsberg
June 4—Allen Ginsberg
June 23—Allen Ginsberg
Early July—Allen Ginsberg
July 13—Allen Ginsberg
September 18—Allen Ginsberg
October 6 & 14—Allen Ginsberg
November 5—Allen Ginsberg
December 15—Allen Ginsberg
December 23—Allen Ginsberg
December 24—Allen Ginsberg

January 10—Allen Ginsberg
March 1 & 3—Allen Ginsberg
March 5—Allen Ginsberg
April 12—Allen Ginsberg
April 22—Allen Ginsberg
May 5—Allen Ginsberg
May 12—Allen Ginsberg
May 23 & 24—Allen Ginsberg
May 30—Allen Ginsberg
June 5—Allen Ginsberg
June 6—Allen Ginsberg
June 18—Allen Ginsberg
Early July—Allen Ginsberg
July 8—Allen Ginsberg
July 10—Allen Ginsberg
August 3—Allen Ginsberg
August 17—Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac
December 14—Jack Kerouac
December 24—Allen Ginsberg

January 2—Allen Ginsberg
January 26—Allen Ginsberg
February 9—Allen Ginsberg
March 1—Allen Ginsberg
March 12—Neal Cassady
April 7—Allen Ginsberg
April 22—Jack Kerouac
May 2—Neal Cassady
May 4—Jack Kerouac
May 11—Allen Ginsberg
May 24—Jack Kerouac
June 16—Allen Ginsberg
June 24—Allen Ginsberg
July 3 & 4—Allen Ginsberg
July 15, 16, & 22—Allen Ginsberg
August 18—Jack Kerouac
August 26—Allen Ginsberg
September 3—Jack Kerouac
Early October—Allen Ginsberg
October 13—Allen Ginsberg
November 12 & 13—Allen Ginsberg
December 7—Jack Kerouac
December 13—Allen Ginsberg
December 30—Allen Ginsberg

January 6—Allen Ginsberg
January 9—Allen Ginsberg
January 12—Allen Ginsberg
January 21—Allen Ginsberg
February 7—Allen Ginsberg
February 12—Jack Kerouac
February 19—Allen Ginsberg
April 20—Allen Ginsberg
June 9—Jack Kerouac
July 5—Allen Ginsberg
August 10—Allen Ginsberg
September 21—Allen Ginsberg
October 6 & 7—Allen Ginsberg
October 10 & 11—Allen Ginsberg
October 21—Allen Ginsberg
October 23—Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac
November 1—Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
November 2—Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg

February 17—Allen Ginsberg
February 26 & 27—Allen Ginsberg
March 14—Allen Ginsberg
April 16—Allen Ginsberg
May 8—Allen Ginsberg
May 15—Allen Ginsberg
June 18—Allen Ginsberg
July 26—Bill Gilmore
September 16—Allen Ginsberg
October 13—Allen Ginsberg
October 29—Allen Ginsberg
December 20—Allen Ginsberg

January 23—Allen Ginsberg
January 28—Allen Ginsberg
January 31/February 1—Allen Ginsberg
February 14—Allen Ginsberg
March 25—Bill Gilmore
June 15—Allen Ginsberg
July 18—Alan Ansen
July 30—Alan Ansen
August 20—Allen Ginsberg
August 28—Allen Ginsberg
September 20—Allen Ginsberg
October 8—Allen Ginsberg
October 19—Allen Ginsberg
October 28—Allen Ginsberg
November 10—Allen Ginsberg
November 26—Allen Ginsberg
December 4—Jack Kerouac
December 8—Allen Ginsberg

January 9—Allen Ginsberg
February 16—Allen Ginsberg
April 18—Lawrence Ferlinghetti
July 20—Paul Bowles
July—Allen Ginsberg
July 24—Allen Ginsberg
August 25—Allen Ginsberg
September 28—Allen Ginsberg
October 10—Allen Ginsberg
October 19—Paul Bowles

January 2—Allen Ginsberg
January 17—Brion Gysin
January 17—Paul Bowles
February 20—Paul Bowles
April 2—Allen Ginsberg
April 21—Allen Ginsberg
May 18—Allen Ginsberg
June 8—Allen Ginsberg
Late July—Allen Ginsberg
August 24—Allen Ginsberg
September 5—Allen Ginsberg
September 11—Allen Ginsberg
September 25—Allen Ginsberg
October 7—Allen Ginsberg
October 27—Allen Ginsberg
October 29—Allen Ginsberg


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