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SE The Sacred Origins of Profound Things

Paperback $20.00

Dec 01, 1996 | 608 Pages

Ebook $16.99

Dec 01, 1996 | 608 Pages

  • Paperback $20.00

    Dec 01, 1996 | 608 Pages

  • Ebook $16.99

    Dec 01, 1996 | 608 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Sacred Origins of Profound ThingsWhy We Believe

What We Believe: Introduction

Part 1. Popular Piety

1. Prayer Postures: Hands Joined to Heads Covered

2. Best-Loved Prayers: Apostles’ Creed to Agnus Dei

3. Acts of Devotion: Rosary to Hajj

Part II. Heavenly Hosts

4. Angels: Messengers to Guardians

5. Archangels and Demons: Michael to Metatron

Part III. Wise Words

6. Moral Codes: Ten Commandments to Golden Rule

7. Biblical Phrases: “Writing on the Wall” to “Eye to Eye”

Part IV. Rites and Rituals

8. Sacred Symbols: Halo to Star of David

9. Dressed to Kill: Vestments to Vessels

10. Sacraments: Godparents to Seven Deadly Sins

11. Vows That Bind: Celibate Priests to Ordained Women

Part V. Feasts And Festivals

12. Christian Feasts: Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday

13. Jewish Feasts: Passover to Hanukkah

Part VI. Saints And Their Bones

14. Saints: Abused Virgins to Celibate Clerics

15. Relics: Buddha’s Tooth to Christ’s Cross

16. Patron Saints: AIDS to Cyberspace

Part VII. Celestial Personae

17. God: Appearance to Existence

18. Christ: Son to Trinity

19. Allah: Abraham to Koran

Part VIII. I Do

20. Marriage: Mazal Tov to Diamond Ring

21. Divorce: Get to Jackie Kennedy Onassis

22. Annulment: Impotency to Senator Edward Kennedy

Part IX. Extraordinary Evil

23. Satan: Lucifer to Genies

24. Exorcism: Satan to Dybbuk

25. Antichrist: “666” to Apocalypse Now

Part X. Divine Dos And Dont’s

26. Forbidden Foods: Pork Chops to Meatless Fridays

27. Forbidden Sex: Gay to Lesbian

28. Contraception: Condoms to Crushed Testicles

Part XI. Religious Realms

29. Heaven: Soul to Immortality

30. Hell: Hot to Hotter

31. Purgatory: Divine Comedy to Sale of Indulgences

32. Limbo: Original Sin to the Harrowing

Part XII. Acts Of Faith

33. Miracles: Raising the Dead to Stigmata

34. Virginity of the Virgin: Immaculate Conception to Virgin Birth

35. Visions of the Virgin: Guadalupe to Medjugorje

36. Papal Infallibility: Tradition to Dogma

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