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The Good Black

Best Seller
The Good Black by Paul Barrett
Paperback $23.00

Jan 01, 2000 | 320 Pages

  • Paperback $23.00

    Jan 01, 2000 | 320 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Chapter One: “Don’t Be Afraid; I’m One of the Good Blacks”
Chapter Two: “Eat What You Kill”
Chapter Three: “You Don’t Want to Mess with This Guy”
Chapter Four: “Play by the Rules and the System Will Treat You Right”
Chapter Five: “You’ll Get Screwed the Way I Got Screwed”
Chapter Six: “A Balls-Out Firm”
Chapter Seven: “What Are You Doing with That Nigger Friend?”
Chapter Eight: “A Cocky Guy in for a Fall”
Chapter Nine: “Saving Mungin”
Chapter Ten: “You Fell Between the Cracks”
Chapter Eleven: “As Long As You Get a Paycheck, You Do as You’re Told”
Chapter Twelve: “They Promised You the World; They Gave You the Street Corner”
Chapter Thirteen: “I Am a Whistle-Blower”
Chapter Fourteen:” There Will Be a Trial”
Chapter Fifteen: “Racism: When It’s There, You Can See It”
Chapter Sixteen: “It’s My Party; I’ll Cry If I Want To”

Chapter Seventeen: “Afraid We Would Lose Him”
Chapter Eighteen: “Shucking and Jiving”
Chapter Nineteen: “Teach the Firm a Lesson”
Chapter Twenty: “We Were Pushing for Him”
Chapter Twenty-One: “God Has a Plan for Everybody”
Chapter Twenty-Two: “No Reasonable Juror…”
Chapter Twenty-Three”: Conclusion: Integration’s Paradox


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