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Devil Take the Hindmost

Best Seller
Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor
Paperback $18.00

Jun 01, 2000 | 400 Pages

  • Paperback $18.00

    Jun 01, 2000 | 400 Pages

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“The subtle ways in which individual investors become drawn into crowd behavior is a much studied phenomenon, covered brilliantly… in the book Devil Take the Hindmost.”—The Daily Telegraph (London)
“The South Sea Company is one of the great bubble and crash stories. Many books have referred to it. One of the finest is Devil Take the Hindmost.”—Debashis Basu, Money Life
“Excellent.”—City A.M.
“[An] essential history of financial manias.”—The Observer
“A lively history of speculative manias and bubbles by a British banker turned writer.”—Susan Adams, Forbes

Table Of Contents

Preface: Devil Take the Hindmost

1. “This Bubble World”: The Origins of Financial Speculation
2. Stockjobbing in ‘Change Alley: The Projecting Age of the 1690s
3. “The Never-to-Be-Forgot or Forgiven South-Sea Scheme”
4. Fool’s Gold: The Emerging Markets of the 1820s
5. “A Ready Communication”: The Railway Mania of 1845
6. “Befooled, Bewitched and Bedeviled”: Speculation in the Gilded Age
7. The End of a New Era: The Crash of 1929 and Its Aftermath
8. Cowboy Capitalism: From Bretton Woods to Michael Milken
9. Kamikaze Capitalism: The Japanese Bubble Economy of the 1980s

Epilogue: The Case of the Rogue Economists

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