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Your Secrets Are My Business

Best Seller
Your Secrets Are My Business by Kevin McKeown and David Stern
Paperback $18.00

Nov 01, 2000 | 272 Pages

  • Paperback $18.00

    Nov 01, 2000 | 272 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Introduction – The Mustard Man and Me


Chapter One – Your Habits
This Looks Like a Job for Superman
The Frequent Liars Club
Patty’s Mistake
Lucky’s Big Break

Chapter Two – Your Trash
The Day It Rained Garbage
Trash the Ego
Behold the Power of Cheese
It’s a Girl
A Final Word

Chapter Three – Your Public Profile
The Leaky Casket Caper
Big Brother
Conspiracy Theory
The Leaky Basement Caper

Chapter Four – Your Car
I Showered with a Dead Man!
Road Rage
Say Cheese
The Most Public Record of All

Chapter Five – Your Telephone
One Really Bad Bald Man
The Day the Music Died: The Workplace Phone
Beep You!
The Book of the Film

Chapter Six – Your Mail
Dougie Does Paris
Listen to What the (Fat) Man Said
The Law’s Longest Arm

Chapter Seven – Your Credit Cards
Dining at Its Finest
What’s My Line?
Big Brother Is Watching

Chapter Eight – Your Computer
Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right: The Ease of Electronic Theft
An Immodest Proposal
Office Politics
Your E-Mail
Erase vs. Delete: Discard vs. Destroy
The Games People Play


Hold Still, This’ll Only Hurt for a Second

Chapter Nine – The Pretext
I Can Get It For You Wholesale
The Company You Keep
Talkin’ the Talk
A Formal Approach

Chapter Ten – Eavesdropping and Phone Scams
Let That Be a Lesson to You
Phone Clones
A Boring Conversation
Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Chapter Eleven – Robbing Your Identity
The Right Man for the Job
An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

Chapter Twelve – Too Good to Be True
The Trojan Horse Effect
Meaner than a Junkyard Dog
Instinct Appeal: Hook, Line, and Sinker
For Me?
Party Favors

Chapter Thirteen – Tourist Traps
On the Beach
Now Boarding: Wandering Eyes
Who’s Watching Whom

Chapter Fourteen – Surveillance Toys
The Black Box
Tracking Devices
Don’t Say Anything, I’ll Be Right Back

Chapter Fifteen – The Limitations of Technology
An Inside Job

Looking Ahead
A Gentle Reminder


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