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Special Kids Need Special Parents

Best Seller
Special Kids Need Special Parents by Judith Loseff Lavin
Paperback $22.00

Mar 01, 2001 | 336 Pages

  • Paperback $22.00

    Mar 01, 2001 | 336 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Part I. How Could This Happen?
1. Grieving
2. Where Is God? Trying to Make Sense of Things
Part II. Your Special Family
3. The Special Marriage
4. Special Needs Affects Grandparents, Too
5. Well-Siblings
Part III. Better Behavior
6. Helping Your Child Sleep
7. Parenting Acceptable Behavior
8. Understanding Developmental Stages
Part IV. What’s He Thinking?
9. How to Deal with Teasing and Other Hurtful Behaviors
10. Helping Your Child Grow Confidence
11. Self-Destruction: Can It Be Prevented?Part V. Your Special Team
12. The Pressure! Hospitalization
13. Help!
14. Counseling: The Right Therapy, The Right Therapist
Part VI. Modern Miracles
15. Helping Your Child with Chronic Pain
16. Answering Prosthetic and Orthotic Questions
17. Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids
18. Questions and Answers on Hair Replacement
19. The Art of Camouflage
Part VII. Your Schools, Your Rights, Your Child’s Future
20. School Questions: The Education of Children with Special Needs
21. The Power of Advocacy
22. Transitions and Trusts
A Note from the Author
Advocacy Letters

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