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Paperback $14.00

Jun 04, 2002 | 272 Pages

Ebook $11.99

Jun 04, 2002 | 272 Pages

  • Paperback $14.00

    Jun 04, 2002 | 272 Pages

  • Ebook $11.99

    Jun 04, 2002 | 272 Pages

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“The pace here is deliberate and sure, with no false steps; the writing is richly textured and evocative…[Winter Rose] weaves a dense web of desire and longing, human love and inhuman need.”—Publishers Weekly


“Fascinating and enchanting.”—Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


“The prose is impeccable, the story memorable, and the characters admirable.” —Science Fiction Chronicle


“McKillip manages to be both subtle and wise…Winter Rose confronts icy feyness with warm humanity, and leaves us surprised by joy.”—Faren Miller, Locus


“McKillip’s prose, which is always wondrous, is rarely less than perfect here.”—Shira Daemon, Locus


“Characteristically fresh, dainty fantasy…tingling and affecting work…delightful, delicate.”—Kirkus Reviews


“Like some exquisite bloom, rich in subtlety and headily intoxicating with lush prose.”—Starlog


“The story is well crafted and intriguing, McKillip’s prose is as good as ever, and her evocation of both the familiar and the mysterious is nothing less than masterly…An excellent book.”—Booklist


“A work rich in language…and dramatic in its emotions, Winter Rose envelopes the reader with a dense sensuality…a complex romance of magic and longing.


Adventures of Sword & Sorcery


“Weaving folkloric elements into a fresh and original tale, McKillip employs deliberate, evocative language. She narrates her tale at a regal, measured pace that neither lags nor falters. This is not a book to be read in a hurry; it is meant to be savored. At the same time, it is dotted with deft touches of humor and with familiar, ordinary details which heighten the authenticity of the emotions it evokes. Fantasy addicts looking for a refreshing change will especially appreciate this one.”—KLIATT


“Exquisite fantasy.”—Voice of Youth Advocates


“A surprisingly moving story of love and sacrifice, one that echoes that fairy-tale classic ‘The Snow Queen.’”—Time Out Books


“McKillip’s writing is also warm and intimate and always approachable…a haunting novel…beautifully deliberate, richly textured.”—Valley Times


“Weaves a dense web of desire and longing, human love and inhuman need.


Publishers Weekly


“In this lyrical book, every sentence seems chipped from jewels or woven from water; the sheer beauty of language is enough to transport you.”—Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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