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Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class by Bikram Choudhury

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class

  • Paperback $20.00

    Aug 07, 2000 | 224 Pages

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Table Of Contents

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga ClassIntroduction
We’ve Come a Long Way
Getting Started

One: Pranayama Series
Standing Deep Breathing

Two: Ardha-Chandrasana with Pada-Hastasana
Half Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose

Three: Utkatasana
Awkward Pose

Four: Garurasana
Eagle Pose

Five: Dandayamana-Janushirasana
Standing Head to Knee Pose

Six: Dandayamana-Dhanurasana
Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Seven: Tuladandasana
Balancing Stick Pose

Eight: Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana
Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

Nine: Trikanasana
Triangle Pose

Ten: Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Janushirasana
Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose

Eleven: Tadasana
Tree Pose

Twelve: Padangustasana
Toe Stand Pose

Thirteen: Savasana
Dead Body Pose

Fourteen: Pavanamuktasana
Wind Removing Pose

Fifteen: Sit-Up

Sixteen: Bhujangasana
Cobra Pose

Seventeen: Salabhasana
Locust Pose

Eighteen: Poorna-Salabhasana
Full Locust Pose

Nineteen: Dhanurasana
Bow Pose

Twenty: Supta-Vajrasana
Fixed Firm Pose

Twenty-One: Ardha-Kurmasana
Half Tortoise Pose

Twenty-Two: Ustrasana
Camel Pose

Twenty-Three: Sasangasana
Rabbit Pose

Twenty-Four: Janushirasana with Paschimotthanasana
Head to Knee Pose with Stretching Pose

Twenty-Five: Ardha-Matsyendrasana
Spine Twisting Pose

Twenty-Six: Kapalbhati in Vajrasana
Blowing In Firm Pose

Maintaining Proper Yoga Practice
Medical Advisory

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