Lightning Out of Lebanon

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Random House Audio | Mar 01, 2005 | 120 Minutes | ISBN 9780739318379

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    Presidio Press | Feb 28, 2006 | 272 Pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 | ISBN 9780891418702

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    Presidio Press | Mar 01, 2005 | ISBN 9780345481856

  • Audiobook Download$7.50

    Random House Audio | Mar 01, 2005 | 120 Minutes | ISBN 9780739318379

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Praise for Lightning Out of Lebanon

“Lightning Out of Lebanon is a combination true-crime story, adventure tale, and wake-up call for America. Investigative journalists Barbara Newman and Tom Diaz have detailed the activities of the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terrorist organization in the United States and if you thought al Qaeda was the only terrorist group you had to worry about, think again. . . . A revealing account of the terrorists among us that should be required reading for all Americans.”
–Neil C. Livingstone, author of Inside the PLO

“An eye-opener . . . reads like a novel, but documents in detail how operatives of what many call the ‘A-Team of Terrorism’ have taken advantage of our freedoms, legal loopholes, and defense weaknesses to set up support cells in communities all over America. But it also tells of a success story–how dedicated federal and local law enforcement officials broke up and successfully prosecuted a secret terrorist cell, leading to other investigations that continue today.”
–Senator Joe Lieberman

From the Hardcover edition.

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