The Supreme Court Phalanx

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The Supreme Court Phalanx by Ronald Dworkin
Paperback $12.95

May 13, 2008 | 96 Pages

  • Paperback $12.95

    May 13, 2008 | 96 Pages

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"His pioneering scholarly work has had worldwide impact." —Ludvig Holbert International Memorial Prize 2007 award committee

“An outstanding philosopher of politics and law who is the most eloquent, thoughtful and judicious spokesman of the new centre-left-liberal…” –A.C. Grayling, Financial Times

“Dworkin is that rare creature, a public intellectual. He writes with clarity and economy…He sets out not just to persuade us to think differently, but also to act differently. He wants to change not just our beliefs but our behavior too.” –Anthony Julius, Sunday Telegraph (London)

“Dworkin] has been in many ways the most systematic moral, political and legal thinker of the past three decades in the Anglophone world.” –John Dunn, Times Higher Education Supplement

“Dworkin’s prolific scholarly and journalistic writings have defined the intellectual agenda for academic liberals in law schools as well as philosophy and political-science departments for a quarter of a century.” –Peter Berkowitz, National Review

“Dworkin’s theories have created shock waves among jurisprudential scholars.” –Time Magazine

“Ronald Dworkin is America’s leading legal philosopher…No subject ever seems quite the same after one has read Dworkin’s treatment of it.” –Journal of Philosophy

“Probably the most influential figure in contemporary Anglo-American legal theory.” —Reading Dworkin Critically

“One of the nation’s foremost legal philosophers.” –Tom Liniger, Michigan Law Review

“For over three decades, Ronald Dworkin has been the most influential and illuminating analyst of the view that judges can or should merely "follow the law." –Cass Sunstein, New Republic

“Ronald Dworkin occupies a distinctive place in both public life and philosophy. In public life, he is a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books and other widely read journals. In philosophy, he has written important and influential works on many of the most prominent issues in legal and political philosophy. In both cases, his interventions have in part shaped the debates he joined.” –Contemporary Philosophy in Focus

“[Dworkin’s] ideas are stimulating and his writing is able, forcible and clear.” –Boston Globe

“Dworkin is almost always right about legal principles and always elegant.” –Mortimer Sellers, Washington Post

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