The Actor’s Art and Craft

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    Anchor | Dec 10, 2008 | 304 Pages | ISBN 9780307481146

Table Of Contents

Foreward by David Mamet


Bill’s Class

ONE — Begin Again — Empty Your Cup

TWO — The First Exercise — Did You Hear What He Said?

THREE — Repition Continues — Did You Really Hear What He Really Said?

FOUR — Developing Concentration

FIVE — How to Justify Absolutely Anything

SIX — Don’t Gird Yourself to Act; Open Yourself to Receive

SEVEN — Objectives and Expectations: Be Careful What You Want

EIGHT — Action Problems: Awaken Your Inner Criminal

NINE — Scene Work: Private Conversations — Approach the Text and Pick Up Your Impulses

TEN — Farewell to Repition: Don’t Do Anything Unless Something Happens to Make You Do It

ELEVEN — Daydreams, Fantasies, and Your Inner Life: Emotional Preparation

TWELVE — Relationships: I Know He’s Your Brother, but Who Is He Really?

THIRTEEN — The Domestic Exercise: How Are Things At Home?

FOURTEEN — The Second Round of Scene Work: Go Deeper into the Text

FIFTEEN — Final Questions: It’s a Wrap. Now Where Do We Go from Here?


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