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Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets

Best Seller
Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets by Tom Van Flandern
Paperback $22.50

Jan 08, 1999 | 552 Pages

  • Paperback $22.50

    Jan 08, 1999 | 552 Pages

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"The overview of orbital dynamics is fascinating, detailing characteristics of orbits–many of which are non-intuitive. In particular the notion of ‘spheres of influence’ was very informative, serving as a foundation for discussions contained in alter chapters. Whether or not one agrees with Van Flandern’s theories, this chapter provides an education all its own."
The Mason-Dixon Astronomer

"Tom Van Flandern is both an insider and an outsider. A professional astronomer for twenty-five years, he is well versed in the customs of mainstream science. On the other hand, after a long review of the assumptions underlying a large portion of received truth in astronomy and cosmology, he has come to a radical conclusion: much currently accepted theory is wrong."
Astronomy Books Club

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