Fever Dream

Hardcover $25.00

Jan 10, 2017 | 192 Pages

Ebook $12.99

Jan 10, 2017 | 192 Pages

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Jan 10, 2017 | 194 Minutes

  • Hardcover $25.00

    Jan 10, 2017 | 192 Pages

  • Ebook $12.99

    Jan 10, 2017 | 192 Pages

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“Samanta Schweblin’s electric story reads like a Fever Dream.” —Vanity Fair

“I picked up Fever Dream in the wee hours, and a low, sick thrill took hold of me as I read it. I was checking the locks in my apartment by page thirty. By the time I finished the book, I couldn’t bring myself to look out the windows…. [T]he genius of Fever Dream is less in what it says than in how Schweblin says it, with a design at once so enigmatic and so disciplined that the book feels as if it belongs to a new literary genre altogether.” —Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker

“Never have I ever been so afraid to read a book right before bed” —Marie Claire

“An absorbing and inventive tale… Schweblin is a fine mythmaker, singular in her own fantastical artistry.” —Houston Chronicle
“A remarkable accomplishment in literary suspense.” —New York Journal of Books

A taut, exquisite page-turner vibrating with existential distress and cumulative dread…. While the book resides in the realm of the uncanny, its concerns are all too real. Once the top blows off Schweblin’s chest of horrors, into which we’d been peeking through a masterfully manipulated crack, what remains is an unsettling and significant dissection of maternal love and fear, of the devastation we’ve left to the future, and of our inability to escape or control the unseen and unimagined threats all around us. In a literary thriller of the highest order, Schweblin teases out the underlying anxieties of being vulnerable and loving vulnerable creatures and of being an inhabitant of a planet with an increasingly uncertain future.” —Kirkus, STARRED review

“[A] pulsating debut…Schweblin guides her reader through a nightmare scenario with amazing skill.” —Publishers Weekly

“The unique style, the quick paced rhythm and the amazingly wise and compact storytelling create a special novel that will stay in your mind long after you put this book down.”
—Etgar Keret, author of The Seven Good Years

Samanta Schweblin is a magician, and reading her work is an intense, almost physical experience. This mind-bending book sheds new light—or, rather, new darkness—on the intense power of love in a poisoned world. You must read it. Prepare to be mesmerized, riveted, terrified, and changed.”
Helen Phillips, author of The Beautiful Bureaucrat

“A wonderful nightmare of a book: tender and frightening, disturbing but compassionate.Fever Dream is a triumph of Schweblin’s outlandish imagination.”
–Juan Gábriel Vasquez, author of The Sound of Things Falling and Reputations

Fever Dream is a small masterpiece, a beautiful and chillingly contemporary book. Every word throbs a kind of wisdom that can only come from a meticulous and fully engaged observation of reality.”
Alejandro Zambra, author of Multiple Choice and My Documents

“Samanta Schweblin will injure you, however safe you may feel.”
Jesse Ball, author of A Cure for Suicide and How to Set a Fire and Why

“Samanta Schweblin is one of the most promising voices in modern literature.” —Mario Vargas Llosa
“She has a unique, inventive voice, and her stories have this ability to veer off into strange and unexpected territories with sublime grace. I admire and envy this gift.” —Daniel Alarcón, author of At Night We Walk in Circles

“In spare, lucid prose, Schweblin demonstrates again and again that she knows the weight of what is left unsaid in the comings and goings of everyday life. Then, in the turn of a phrase, she forces the reader to shift perspective; she has a gift for sketching comfortable worlds and then disrupting them with images of dark, startling power.” —Electric Literature 

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