Leningrad 1941-44

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Leningrad 1941-44 by Robert Forczyk
Paperback $21.95

Sep 22, 2009 | 96 Pages

  • Paperback $21.95

    Sep 22, 2009 | 96 Pages


“While most histories of the siege of Leningrad focus on the plight of the starving civil population, this refreshing title instead examines the strength of the garrison’ s defenses – which ultimately prevented the Germans from capturing the city – and the growing sophistication of Soviet offensive tactics. Dr Forczyk also provides an assessment of how weather and terrain factors shaped the campaign in this superb addition to the history of the Eastern Front.” – www.afv-news.com (July 2009)

“Dr. Robert Forcyzk effortlessly weaves a three year saga into a single book of only 96 pages, and still manages to go beyond a mere retelling of events to provide strategic and operation insight…Leningrad is lavishly illustrated with photos, maps, and three-dimensional ‘bird’s-eye-views’ of the battles as they unfolded.” – Andrew Hind, World at War

“Overall, it is an excellent book about which not all that much has been written in the popular press. It doesn’t seem to be as desperate as what we have been led to believe over the decades, and shows a lot of mistakes on both sides that could have changed things. A fascinating read and one I know you will enjoy.” -Scott Van Aken, Modeling Madness / www.modelingmadness.com (February 2010)

“This book covers the strength of the defenses in and around Leningrad and the ever-improving Soviet offensive tactics. The units, actions, tactics, strategy and personalities of this investment of Leningrad are meticulously outlined and form a cohesive understanding of this major part of Operation Barbarossa. This book is well worth reading and adding to any WWII library.” -A.J. Mergenthaler, Toy Soldier and Model Figure

…an outstanding book for anyone even remotely interested in World War II. It demonstrates remarkable depth of analysis for its modest size. Forczyk is a strong storyteller who manages to convey the savagery of the fighting.” -Andrew Hind, World at War (April/May 2011)

“Dramatic two-page battle scene paintings and photos of the location, men, and equipment used in the battle will serve as inspiration for diorama builders … Because of the titanic nature of this battle, this book will be of interest to a wide swath of readers.” -Military Miniatures in Review

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