Sevastopol 1942

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Sevastopol 1942 by Robert Forczyk
Paperback $21.95

Jan 22, 2008 | 96 Pages

  • Paperback $21.95

    Jan 22, 2008 | 96 Pages


"Robert Forczyk’s Sevastopol 1942: Von Manstein’s Triumph is a masterpiece of command strategies and battle tactics and should be center of any World War II library. Joining others in the ‘Campaign’ series, it surveys the mission of the Army Group South to seize the Crimea to prevent Soviet air attacks on the Polesti oilfields in Romania. Vintage black and white photos help document a moving history." -California Bookwatch (April 2008)

"The content of the book is well-presented, and more importantly, written from in-depth research… [Sevastopol] was one of the greatest sieges of the Eastern Front of the European War, and Sevastopol 1942: Von Manstein’s Triumph provides the details a reader will need to learn of this battle." -C. Peter Chen, World War II Database (January 28, 2008)

"Forcyzk skillfully weaves together the story of the German campaign to seize the city, interspersing logistics, operational planning and military movements, leaders, and the terrain and weather into an excellent overview of the Stevastopol campaign…this is perhaps the finest general overview of the Sevastopol campaign on the market." -Scott Mingus, Charge! (January 12, 2008)

"Robert Forczyk covers the preparations, and all the various battles in and around Sevastopol in a manner that is both interesting and easy to read. This is all superbly illustrated by Howard Gerrard and with an excellent choice of maps, diagrams, and period photographs to lead us through what could have been a confusing set of operations. It is an excellent book on a part of WWII that rarely gets any sort of press. One that I know you will enjoy reading as much as I did." -Scott Van Aken, (January 2008)

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