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Nov 11, 2014

Paperback $14.00

Jul 01, 2003 | 280 Pages

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Jul 01, 2003 | 280 Pages

  • Ebook $9.99

    Jul 01, 2003 | 280 Pages

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Praise for The Liar

“Smutty, naughty and outrageously hilarious . . . Brace yourselves for a dickens of a wicked good time.”
Boston Globe

“The spirits of Oscar Wilde and Evelyn Waugh glower benignly over this very funny first novel . . . An ingenious plot filled with surprises and glittering with hilarious, often indecent inventions.”
The New York Times

“A quite brilliant first novel.”
Sunday Times
“Brilliantly entertaining and consistently outrageous.”
Daily Mail
“Transforms the sophomoric into the sophisticated.”
Los Angeles Times

“Fry’s jokes have a ring of seriousness . . . A witty and entertaining send-up.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Mr. Fry’s book is wonderfully funny and (as funny weren’t enough) absorbingly plotted. His characters are witty and endearing and his dialogue will leave you grinning with delight even as you wonder a shade wistfully why none of your friends can talk this way.”
Joe Keenan, Executive Producer of Frasier and Desperate Housewives
“Hilariously erudite.”
“Will have you howling.”
“Wicked, galloping entertainment.”
Boston Phoenix
“Very funny, full of intelligence and ideas, Post-Punk E.F. Benson.”

“Hilarious—page after page of the most outrageous and often filthy jokes, delicious conceits, instant, brilliant ripostes that would only occur to ordinary mortals after days of teeth-grinding lunacy.”
Literary Review

“A book that is not only funny, clever and touching, but is the perfect size.”
Rita Rudner
“A huge critical and popular success in Britain . . . it is coruscatingly funny, often quite shocking and profoundly irreverent. Its hero is Adrian Healey, who assumes a wildly gay persona (and is one of the few Wilde imitators who can verbally live up to the original) but whose besetting problem is a lack of contact with reality . . . Many will find themselves helpless with laughter.”
Publishers Weekly
“Dizzyingly, peerlessly sophomoric.”
Kirkus Reviews

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