Wonders of the African World

Paperback $24.95

Jan 16, 2001 | 288 Pages

  • Paperback $24.95

    Jan 16, 2001 | 288 Pages


"In a fascinating, personal account, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., shows us the glories of Africa and explains why African-Americans have for so long been both fascinated and repelled by the great continent."

– Marion Wright Edelman

"This is more than a book about Africa. It is a study in black America’s profound ambivalence about our shared ancestral continent. Caught between a distaste for Africa within his own family and his abiding love for and fascination with Africa, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., traverses the continent with a keen eye, a brilliat mind, and an ambivalent heart."

– Ali Mazrui, State University of New York at Binghampton

"From Ethiopia to Nubia, from Swahili country to West Africa, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., takes us on a fascinating journey, teaching us about the great civilizations we do not know well enough and making us reconsider the Africa we thought we already understood."

– Reverend Jesse Jackson

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