The Way of a Warrior

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The Way of a Warrior by John Gilbey
Paperback $14.95

Jan 14, 1993 | 176 Pages

  • Paperback $14.95

    Jan 14, 1993 | 176 Pages


"Here we have, bard and betrayed, all the secret fighting techniques of the choicest fighters—an ungodly throng including the Thuggees, with the niceties of strangulation, the lightning-like destruction inflicted by a Peoria bookworm, the unfeeling fingertips of an obscure Mexican… and a lot more besides…"
- South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

"Fascinating reading—some of the things which Gilbey witnessed are downright incredible and will give the serious student of these arts deep cause for reflection."
- The Journal for the Association for Physical and Mental Rehabilitation

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