The Black-out Book

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The Black-out Book by Evelyn August
Hardcover $14.95

Oct 13, 2009 | 224 Pages

  • Hardcover $14.95

    Oct 13, 2009 | 224 Pages


“As I flipped through The Black-Out Book with amusement, I still could not help it but ask myself how many war time children kept themselves occupied with the very same puzzles and games that I had just read? How many parents, while reading the limericks from this book to their children, used this book to get away from missing their loved ones on the front lines or to take their minds off of the possibility that German bombers might arrive over their cities that night?” -C. Peter Chen, World War 2 Database / (March 2010)

The Black-out Book collects some of August’s wartime-effort work. There are brainteasers, riddles, cartoons, poems, astronomy lessons, limericks, trivia, quotes, word games and other miscellany, all as presented originally, with vintage illustrations and fonts. August’s style is buttoned-up British as ever, which makes the book radiate with a slight time-capsule charm.” -Rod Lott, (January 2010)

The Black-Out Book…really is something that still fulfils its purpose of helping to while away a spare moment. We may not have any air raids going on at the moment, thank goodness, but the world still has plenty of troubles and we need to be distracted from time to time to keep our heads.” – Bill Purdue, Bill Purdue’s Book Blog (November 2009)

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