Questioning the Millennium

Hardcover $17.95

Crown | Aug 24, 1999 | 224 Pages | 5 x 7-9/16 | ISBN 9780609605417

  • Hardcover$17.95

    Crown | Aug 24, 1999 | 224 Pages | 5 x 7-9/16 | ISBN 9780609605417

  • Ebook$11.99

    Crown | Jan 04, 2012 | ISBN 9780609606100


"Gould poses three questions about the millennium in this delicious science-historical jeu d’esprit. . . . [This] may be the most enjoyable millennium book of the second millennium."                
– Booklist

"With a humorous Everyman approach, Gould juggles a mind-boggling array of various calendrical concepts as he explains why creating a reliable calendar was one of man’s greatest struggles. Whether nailing down the precise date of the birth of Christ or airing his suspicion that God is a New York Yankees fan, Gould teaches rather than preaches."                
– Entertainment Weekly

"Gould eloquently charts . . . our stubborn, foolish, and occasionally glorious efforts, through science, religion, and philosophy, to continue to try to understand."        
– New York Times

"In Questioning the Millennium, a collection of three witty and erudite essays . . . the noted paleontologist and science popularizer ponders the meaning of the upcoming calendar hoopla. As always, he is irreverent, idiosyncratic, and original."
– San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

"However out-of-left-field the subject, [Gould] still manages to charm with characteristically energetic, down-to-earth lucidity. Gently iconoclastic, always illuminating essays from the science writer whose prose can bring to life not only theories but even the fossils themselves."        
– Kirkus Reviews
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