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Hardcover $75.00

Apr 28, 2000 | 952 Pages

Ebook $29.99

Sep 03, 2013 | 952 Pages

  • Hardcover $75.00

    Apr 28, 2000 | 952 Pages

  • Ebook $29.99

    Sep 03, 2013 | 952 Pages

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"In this work Richard Grossinger has singlehandedly deconstructed and spiritualized embryogenesis."—David Ulansey, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Religion, California Institute of Integral Studies"For all his genius in putting together a context, for bringing into one field science and imagination, it is [Grossinger’s] own work that remains most amazing…Pound, at most, in The Cantos had proposed a poem that contained history. Olson went further: the poetic was the primary knowledge from which the truth of history must spring; only the mythopoetic could reach the heart of the matter. In Grossinger the old arguments of these poets, men in transition, battering often at the walls of old institutions of mind that they might have let go, the old polemics are gone, or rather swept up in a new order."—Robert Duncan, Author of Roots and Branches and The Opening of the Field"Richard Grossinger has achieved a poetic scholarship that dazzles with its sensual nuance of unfolding life. Grossinger’s vivid writing creates an awe-inspiring odyssey that goes beyond the act of reading. Embryogenesis should be introduced to young readers as an essential part of their educational programs."—Emilie Conrad, Founder of Continuum

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