Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I

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Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I by Jon Guttman
Paperback $18.95

Mar 18, 2008 | 80 Pages

  • Paperback $18.95

    Mar 18, 2008 | 80 Pages


"In one of the book’s best sections, Guttman compares the training and operational capabilities of British and German pilots. It’s a topic too seldom addressed, especially in WWI literature, since manned flight was barely out of its infancy at that point. With more than 50 photos plus a dozen or more excellent profiles, cockpit views and action scenes, Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I maintains the Osprey series’ visual appeal. Its 80 pages represent a taut, well-conceived treatment of a topic that could easily fill three times that volume." -Barrett Tillman, Aviation History (May 2009)

"…Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I describes the challenges of establishing aerial superiority over the trenches in 1917… the two aircraft were a good match for one another, which makes them an excellent subject for the Duel Series… [A] great companion to other titles detailing the specific aircraft and can become an important part of any aviation reference library." -Chris Banyai-Riepl, Internet Modeler (April 2008)

"In all it is a superb look at two of the more famous aircraft that fought in the Great War. It is a book that I know you will enjoy and one that I can highly recommend to students of the time and enthusiasts alike." -Scott Van Aken, (March 2008)

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