The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

Hardcover $22.95

Dec 24, 2002 | 192 Pages

  • Hardcover $22.95

    Dec 24, 2002 | 192 Pages


“I’ve always enjoyed sports and athletic activities… then "Life" happened. My back hurt, my knees creaked, and an extra 15 or so pounds mysteriously appeared. And try as I might, I couldn’t find enough time to exercise it all away. Then I tried Slow Burn. Within a few workouts I realized that my back had stopped aching (and it had been aching for a long time) and my knees stopped hurting. When I played with my son, I could pick him up and roughhouse with him with greater ease. Everyday activities became much easier. And perhaps best of all, I am absolutely crushing the golf ball!! Maybe I could have accomplished this with a three-times-a-week gym routine, but this all came about with 30 minutes a week – sometimes less! I can’t say enough about what Slow Burn has done to help me regain my lost strength, health, fitness, and even a little youth. You should try it too!”
–Dr. Max Gomez, New York News Channel 4 medical reporter

“As a professional singer, dancer, and actress, keeping my body strong and resistant to injury is absolutely essential. Since using Slow Burn, it feels as if I’ve turned back the clock a decade and become almost impervious to damage. It’s wonderful to feel as if I’m adding years to my life and career exercising a mere 30 minutes a week!”
–Sandy Duncan

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