Spitfire vs Bf 109

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Spitfire vs Bf 109 by Tony Holmes
Paperback $18.95

Nov 20, 2007 | 80 Pages

  • Paperback $18.95

    Nov 20, 2007 | 80 Pages


"With a wealth of first-hand accountsfrom the veterans who strapped themselves into these legendary machines as well as illustrations and cockpit-view artwork, this book puts the reader in the midst of a dogfight, providing a unique insight into one of the greatest duels of history in the world’s first major aerial battle." -Flying Models (April 2008)

"Tony Holmes’ Spitfire vs. BF 109: Battle of Britain uses first-hand accounts from veterans who flew the planes to chart strategy, narrowing the focus to reconaissance units and analyzing their procedures." -The California Bookwatch (January 2008)

"Tony Holmes covers all these salient features; design and development, technical specs, strategic situtation, the combatants, and a selection of combats that took place between the two… In all, an excellent addition to what is sure to become a popular series. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did." -Scott Van Aken, modelingmadness.com (November 2007)

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