The Metamorphosis

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Modern Library | Nov 26, 2013 | 368 Pages | ISBN 9780812985191

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    Schocken | Nov 14, 1995 | 320 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780805210576

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    Bantam Classics | Feb 01, 1972 | 224 Pages | 4-3/16 x 6-7/8 | ISBN 9780553213690

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    Modern Library | Nov 26, 2013 | 368 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780812985146

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    Schocken | May 14, 2009 | 328 Pages | ISBN 9780307496775

  • Ebook$7.99

    Modern Library | Nov 26, 2013 | 368 Pages | ISBN 9780812985191


“Kafka’s survey of the insectile situation of young Jews in inner Bohemia can hardly be improved upon: ‘With their posterior legs they were still glued to their father’s Jewishness and with their wavering anterior legs they found no new ground.’ There is a sense in which Kafka’s Jewish question (‘What have I in common with Jews?’) has become everybody’s question, Jewish alienation the template for all our doubts. What is Muslimness? What is femaleness? What is Polishness? These days we all find our anterior legs flailing before us. We’re all insects, all Ungeziefer, now.”
—Zadie Smith
“Kafka engaged in no technical experiments whatsoever; without in any way changing the German language, he stripped it of its involved constructions until it became clear and simple, like everyday speech purified of slang and negligence. The common experience of Kafka’s readers is one of general and vague fascination, even in stories they fail to understand, a precise recollection of strange and seemingly absurd images and descriptions—until one day the hidden meaning reveals itself to them with the sudden evidence of a truth simple and incontestable.”
—Hannah Arendt 

Also by Franz Kafka

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