Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts

Ebook $11.99

Vintage | Sep 30, 2008 | ISBN 9780307472694

  • Paperback$15.95

    Vintage | Sep 09, 2008 | 448 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9781400034581

  • Ebook$11.99

    Vintage | Sep 30, 2008 | ISBN 9780307472694

  • Audiobook Download$20.00

    Random House Audio | Sep 04, 2007 | 540 Minutes | ISBN 9780739323434

  • Audiobook Download$25.00

    Random House Audio | Dec 04, 2007 | 900 Minutes | ISBN 9781415945872


“A valuable bridge across the country’s widening civil-military divide. It is an important contribution to our understanding of how this military works in the 21st century.”—The New York Times“No one understands better the burdens carried by today’s men and women in uniform. If you aren’t reading Kaplan, you aren’t fully informed.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune"Again and again in this book, we see how military service, even in peacetime, provides the catalyst that allows common men to perform uncommon deeds." —The Wall Street Journal“Recommended reading for anyone seeking to understand the full reach of America’s global military power, or trying to comprehend the incredibly complicated, but increasingly important, soft-power demands being placed on today’s military.” —The Boston Globe

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