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The Iraq War

Paperback $16.00

May 24, 2005 | 304 Pages

Ebook $11.99

May 25, 2004 | 224 Pages

  • Paperback $16.00

    May 24, 2005 | 304 Pages

  • Ebook $11.99

    May 25, 2004 | 224 Pages

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“A vivid account of how we got here [by] one of the best known (and perhaps best, period) military historians in the world.” –Max Boot, The Washington Post

“Nobody does it better. The narration is clear and exciting. Everything moves; the author has you in his grip.” –David Fromkin, The New York Times Book Review

“Highly readable. . . . Contains both plenty of tactical detail . . . and ample historical insight.” –The Christian Science Monitor

“Authoritative. . . . A useful addition to our knowledge.” –Walter Laqueur, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A must-read. . . . Illuminating. . . . He provides exceptional detail . . . that will enthrall military buffs.” –Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Highly readable. . . . One of the best brief guides to the history of this whole confusing field.” –Financial Times

“A superb strategic overview. . . . Concise and well-written. . . . Keegan provides a basis for understanding the embers of the insurgent conflagration.” –The Washington Times

“A remarkable achievement.” –The Spectator

“Comprehensive. . . . It is in his examination of the military campaign itself that the insight really surfaces. He cuts directly to the heart of the mystery and questions surrounding this operation. . . . His analysis . . . is sound and enlightening–from the political to the tactical level.” –New York Post

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