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The Woman Warrior, China Men

Best Seller
The Woman Warrior, China Men by Maxine Hong Kingston
Hardcover $26.00

Apr 12, 2005 | 584 Pages

  • Hardcover $26.00

    Apr 12, 2005 | 584 Pages

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The Woman Warrior

“A remarkable book . . . As an account of growing up female and Chinese-American . . . it is anti-nostalgic; it burns the fat right out of the mind. As a dream—of the ‘female avenger’—it is dizzying, elemental, a poem turned into a sword.”

“Intense, fierce, and disturbing . . . A strange, sometimes savagely terrifying, and, in the literal sense, wonderful story.”

“A book of fierce clarity and originality.”

China Men

“A history at once savage and beautiful, a combination of bone-grinding reality and luminous fantasy.”

“Superb . . . Humorous . . . Magical. We are in the presence of a splendid raconteur, who shares with us the myths and stories that emerge from the lode of a culture’s deepest realities.”

“China Men is a voyage itself, to China and back. It will come to be regarded as one of the classic American works on the experience of immigration . . . A work of enormous power, feeling, and understanding.”

With a new Introduction by Mary Gordon

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