The First Americans

Ebook $2.99

Modern Library | Jan 16, 2009 | 352 Pages | ISBN 9780307565716

  • Paperback$15.95

    Modern Library | Jun 17, 2003 | 352 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780375757044

  • Ebook$2.99

    Modern Library | Jan 16, 2009 | 352 Pages | ISBN 9780307565716


“As good as popular science writing gets.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Powerful intrigue. Name-calling and blackballing. Treachery, collusion among archaeologists on an all-out hunt for a holy grail. An Indiana Jones movie? No. The actual search to identify the first humans to inhabit North America. . . . Adovasio, who became an internationally known archaeologist and academic, has created in The First Americans a book that pulses with plot-drive.” —Los Angeles Times

“After a quarter-century of rebutting the challenges to his find, Mr. Adovasio has been transformed from a renegade into a leader in the field. Digs in North and South America have only buttressed his onetime pre-Clovis heresy, and Mr. Adovasio conveys a palpable excitement, in this anything-but-tedious archaeology book, at the possibilities of what might yet be discovered.” —The Wall Street Journal

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