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10 Literary Characters Who Would Land the Cover of Vogue

Who would win in a September Issue battle? Eliza Doolittle or someone from the glamorous cast of characters below?
  1. Breakfast at Tiffany's & Other Voices, Other Rooms Book Cover Picture

    Holly Golightly

    Considering Audrey Hepburn’s iconic role as Holly Golightly, there isn’t a doubt that she’d land the cover of Vogue. Holly’s not only a fashionable Manhattanite, but her safe haven is Tiffany’s of which she describes a, “lovely smell of silver and alligator wallets.”

  2.  Book Cover Picture

    Eliza Doolittle

    While Eliza’s grace and manners were taught, her personality and style are what truly transforms her into a memorable fashion symbol.

  3.  Book Cover Picture

    Dorian Gray

    “Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” –Oscar Wilde. Dorian surrounded himself with the finest clothes, jewels, and furnishings, and was described by women as an Adonis. But was the price tag worth it?

  4.  Book Cover Picture

    Daenerys Targaryen

    Dragons are the new black. Khaleesi’s style combines elegant royalty with fierce mother of giant reptiles. This chic queen is almost too cool for Vogue.

  5.  Book Cover Picture

    Patrick Bateman

    Take a bone colored business card from Patrick Bateman and be introduced to Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples glasses. A stylish class act, if you forget about the whole “murdering psycho” thing.

  6.  Book Cover Picture

    Countess Ellen Olenska

    Edith Wharton included many fashionable characters in her novels, but Countess Ellen Olenska, with her offbeat sense of style and carefree attitude towards trends, is a standout.

  7.  Book Cover Picture

    Becky Bloomwood

    The best-dressed girl at Shopaholics Anonymous. “Please don’t ask how much it all cost, because that’s irrelevant. This is investment shopping.”

  8.  Book Cover Picture

    Mary Crawford

    Perhaps the most glamorous of all Jane Austen’s characters, Mary exudes sophistication and decadence. But it’s her loyalty to  riches, excitement, and fashionable society that ultimately prevent her from getting what she really wants.

  9.  Book Cover Picture

    Sophie Stark

    Sophie Stark is an indie filmmaker whose androgynous looks and stealth poise would make her a Vogue staple.

  10.  Book Cover Picture

    Gloria Gilbert Patch

    This spoiled Manhattan socialite was always ahead of the fashion curve. Too bad she couldn’t have predicted how her marriage would unfold….

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