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27 Literary Costumes You Need To Wear This Halloween

Who’s more clever than a bookworm? (Hint: no one). We have the best imaginations, especially when it comes to cosplay. Dress as one of your favorite literary characters this Halloween!
  1. The Raven Book Cover Picture

    Edgar Allen Poe & The Raven

    A strange and fabulous couples’ costume.

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  2. A Game of Thrones Book Cover Picture

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    Daenerys, Sansa, Jon Snow, Hodor and more: Choose your one or create a GoT Halloween Squad.

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  3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Book Cover Picture

    Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

    Be a Meryton village zombie or Elizabeth Bennet, zombie killer.

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  4. Dark Matter Book Cover Picture

    Jason and Jason

    An existential couples’ costume! Professor Jason and Scientist Jason — which Jason is reality?

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  5. American Psycho Book Cover Picture

    Patrick Bateman

    A dapper costume complete with perfect business cards and a menacing grin.

  6. The Heart Goes Last Book Cover Picture

    Charmaine & Stan

    Turn your typical inmate costume into a future Positron Prisoner.

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  7. The Martian Book Cover Picture

    Mark Watney & The Ares Crew

    You too can be Mark Watney, space pirate.

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  8. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl Book Cover Picture

    Carrie Brownstein

    Rock out this Halloween as Carrie Brownstein.

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  9. The Kite Runner Book Cover Picture

    The Kite Runner

    A simple costume for book lovers–go fly a kite.

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  10. The Secret Chord Book Cover Picture

    King David

    Bring King David to life.

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  11. Gone Girl Book Cover Picture

    Amy & Nick

    The perfect creepy couples’ costume, Amazing Amy and her doting husband.

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  12.  Book Cover Picture

    Nancy Drew

    Channel your favorite detective.

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  13. The Girl in the Spider's Web Book Cover Picture

    Lisbeth Salander

    The coolest Halloween costume: genius hacker and total badass, Lisbeth.

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  14. Moby-Dick Book Cover Picture

    Captain Ahab & The Whale

    Another hilarious couples’ costume: who gets to be the whale?

    Read more
  15. Jurassic Park Book Cover Picture

    Dinosaur & Jurassic Park employee

    You and your Jurassic crew can be dinos and park employees this Halloween.

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  16. A Brief History of Seven Killings Book Cover Picture

    Bob Marley

    Otherwise known as “The Singer,” Man Booker Prize winning novel can inspire your costume.

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  17. Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself Book Cover Picture

    David Foster Wallace

    All you need is a red bandana.

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  18. The Magicians Book Cover Picture

    Quentin Coldwater

    Dress up as the cool college kid who also happens to be a magician.

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  19. Bridget Jones's Diary Book Cover Picture

    Bridget Jones

    Wear a frumpy Christmas sweater, carry a notebook, then find Mr. Darcy.

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  20. Dexter Is Dead Book Cover Picture

    Dexter & victim

    Everyone’s favorite serial killer!

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  21. An Ember in the Ashes Book Cover Picture

    Laia & Elias

    A way to incorporate erie masks into your costume.

    Read more
  22. The Name of the Wind Book Cover Picture


    Become Kvothe with bright red hair and a green cape.

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  23. Outlander Book Cover Picture

    Claire Beauchamp Randall & Jamie Fraser

    Big dresses and plaid make for a great Outlander costume.

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  24. The Scarlet Letter Book Cover Picture

    Hester Prynne

    Carve yourself an A and pay homage Hester Prynne.

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  25. Romeo and Juliet Book Cover Picture

    Romeo & Juliet

    A classic couples’ costume that never gets old.

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  26. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass Book Cover Picture

    Alice in Wonderland

    Fall into Wonderland dressed as Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and more!

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  27. Penguin Problems Book Cover Picture


    Sure, you can be a regular penguin, but why not emulate the cheeky little penguin from Penguin Problems!

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