Reader Rewards: Why Being a Member Is Better Than Ever

Five Fast Facts about Penguin Random House’s loyalty program for book lovers

Reader Rewards: Five Fast Facts

Love books? Want to get rewarded for reading? When you join Penguin Random House’s loyalty program (it’s free!), you’ll start earning points to redeem for free books, gain access to your personalized dashboard—full of book recommendations just for you—and unlock members-only features. Here are Five Fast Facts you need to know about becoming a Reader Rewards member:

1. Judge a book by its cover (so we can get to know you better!) We want to know what you like. Help us by taking our quiz, looking at book covers, and telling us “Yeah, I’d read that!” or “No, I’d skip that one.” We’ll use that info to give you the best book recommendations. If we’re rocking those recs, you can give the books a thumbs up. If we’re missing the mark, give them a thumbs down. That helps us sharpen your recommendations so you can have the best books waiting for you. 

2. You get personalized book recommendations—daily. No one else reads like you, so no other Reader Rewards dashboard looks like yours. Using a curated algorithm based on what you like (and what you don’t!), you get personalized book recommendations every 24 hours! You’ll always have something new to read.  

3. Make your own bookshelves. You can curate lists of books you’d like to read, keep track of what you’ve finished, and add custom shelves for titles that would be perfect for, well, anything! You’ll never have to go into a bookstore again and say “Um, it had a blue cover…?” We’ll help you remember what you wanted to read and what you’ve already finished. 

4. We make it oh-so-easy. From the ease of submitting multiple books at a time for points to saving your shipping address so you don’t have to input it over and over, we make it easy for Reader Rewards members to get free books and (most importantly) have more time to read them. 

5. YOU GET FREE BOOKS! Wow, we saved the best for last, didn’t we? You can earn points to get free books from Penguin Random House. Simply upload your proof of purchase from any eligible book to accrue points, then redeem those points for free books. Plus, if you buy books directly from PenguinRandomHouse.com, we’ll automatically add those points to your dashboard—no upload needed. 

Create your account and start earning free books today!